7 NEW Things in the latest iOS 15.5 Release!

Apple always likes to be the Hot Topic for writers it seems.

Recently Apple releases iOS 15.5 for iPhone and iPad. The update is not rich in features but it still covers some tweaks.

When the iOS 15.4 update came, many users were complaining about glitches, bugs, and battery draining issues.

So Apple now releases 15.5 to fix these bugs and issues.

Below is what you need to know about iOS 15.5.

1. Apple Cash:

Apple Pay has got a new name, Apple Cash.

What changes does it bring?

Apple cash has now added “Request” and “Send” buttons to make it easier for you to manage cash directly from your phone.

apple cash

2. Universal Control:

You don’t have to wait any longer now, the Universal Control is here.

This feature on iPad and a Mac that runs the latest versions will allow you to use one mouse and keyboards across multiple devices.

Okay, this is cool!

universal control

3. Podcasts Update:

This app now gives the setting from which you can limit the number of episodes stored and will automatically delete older or already watched episodes so that it does not take too much storage.

4. Access to External Link in Reader Apps:

Update 15.5 now gives access to external links to reader apps like Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, and other apps that can now link to external websites for account creation and subscription management, which means it will allow the apps to sign-up for an account outside of the App Store in-app purchase system.

5. Community Safety:

The Community Safety feature in Messages is specially designed for Children, on children’s devices, it scans incoming and outgoing iMessage images.

So if children’s devices receive an inappropriate image, it will warn them that such photos might be harmful and will be blurred. And if an inappropriate photo is detected in a message sent by a child, it will give them a warning not to send the image.

image 174

In this update, this feature is expanded to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK.

6. Apple Music API:

Apple Music API is back again, it was removed in iOS 15.4.

Apple Music API allows third-party Apple Music players to change the playback speed of songs.

7. Photo Memories:

This update added a list of “Sensitive Locations” to the Photos app. It’ll prevent them from showing up in the memories.

Not Really a Feature But Security Fixes:

Apple now added 25 security fixes to iOS 15.5 and iPad 15.5. These fixes are outlined by apple on their site.

Knows another feature that I didn’t mention?

Let me know in the Comment section.

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