Aceu New Gaming PC & Gears? All You Need To Know!

Aceu is a very popular pro player of Valorant and Apex legends. He is one of the best pro players. He is very popular on Twitch and he streams about 8 hours every day.

Recently Ali Sayed aka Optimum Tech YT offered Aceu the new PC for him. Aceu accepts the offer made by him and Ali Syed is now started building the most expensive plus one of the high-end PC for him.

The new ultimate PC is built by the Optimum Tech YT is tested by Aceu on his streaming channel on twitch and he loved it.

Now people are very curious about the PC and want to know every detail about the new ultimate PC.

Don’t worry about it!

The CPU Guide brings you every detail of the new ultimate PC of ACEU.


Apple earpods

Screenshot 2022 05 18 101016

ACEU Gaming CPU Configuration

Power supply:
Asus Thor 1000W P2

Power supply

After seeing all of the components which are used in the Aecu PC do you want to see the assembly video?

Then you are lucky because the maker of this PC optimum tech recently launch their video about how they built a new PC for Aecu.

According to the optimum tech this one the most expensive PC they have built this PC cost around 7000 USD.

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Building Aceu’s Insane $7000 Gaming PC

And after the assembly here is the video of Brandon Aceu testing the new PC.

Hope you guys find this guide helpful.

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