You would be SHOCKED to know how much a PS5 Game Costs to Develop!

Today, gamers often criticize game publishers for their ever-increasing tricks to squeeze more dollars from the gamer besides the $60 base price of a game through loots, DLCs, and whatnot.


we as gamers need to see why it is the case. According to Shawn Layde, former chief of PlayStation, the cost of developing the game is almost doubling after every generation of console. So, as the PlayStation 4 games were taking around 100 million dollars to make, Shawn predicts that Playstation 5 games would take a whopping 200 million dollars to make while selling at the same 60$ price tag.

This makes the company less adventurous and tries to squeeze more dollars from well-established game series. So, probably this is the reason why we always get a yearly dose of Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty while Ubisoft hardly works on any new franchise.

You would be SHOCKED to know how much a PS5 Game Costs to Develop

According to Shawn, when a game takes this much to make, they try to take minimum risk which results in more sequels to the old franchises but fewer new titles.

So, maybe next time before complaining about why a unicolor in-game costume costs 30$, think of it as an appreciation to the developers for taking a risk to develop this game.

Source: Bloomberg

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