Is Apple about to debut its AR headset?

Who doesn’t love Apple’s products?

Apple always comes up with the newest technologies and designs and the wildest ideas.

But the only cons some people see is the Price Tag!

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But if you think about all the facilities or the features Apple offers for that price doesn’t that make it up?

What do you say about this?

Recently Apple had a WWDC event, to which not many people were invited. As seen from several reports, in this meeting, Apple demonstrated its AR/VR headset to the company’s board.

apple headset

So that means it is coming soon?

It’s a question that still remains unanswered because nothing has been confirmed officially.

As far as reports say, the headset will be running on a software called Reality Operation System [rOS], which Apple has also ramped up its development.

What can this mean?

If this is true then the unveil of this product can happen within the next several months. Apple is expanding its business by adding new product categories and looks like this AR/VR Headset is a great bet for Apple.

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As suggested by Bloomberg, the statement of this product can transpire within several months and with consumer release in 2023.

If a demo is shown to the board then I guess it’s safe to assume that it is advancing toward the finishing product.

apple headset

Why Is This Delayed?

Apple is working on this AR/VR headset for some time now, endeavoring to release the Headset since 2019.

But it got delayed due to the issues like camera problems, overheating, and issues with the software. These delayed the release of the Apple AR/VR Headset.


As the name suggests, its main feature is mixed reality and advanced processors.

Let’s talk about the camera!

It is suggested to have features like hand tracking and gesture control which also opens the possibility door of writing in thin air with the virtual keyboard. 12 tracking cameras with two 4K displays and a LiDAR Sensor. Although the focus of this headset is not gaming.

apple headset

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As the DSCC [Display Supply Chain Consultants] reports, sony is making 4K 4000 x 4000 displays with 1.4 inches diagonal for Apple’s Headset and three displays, Two sony made displays and one large lower resolution AMOLED display.

It is believed to have a curved eyeshade and soft netting that can easily fit on your face.

What About Price?

Rumors again!

Rumors say that the first generation model will cost about 3,000 USD. But it’s just a rumor, we have no confirmation about the price.

Eventually, we have to wait for more news to be confirmed about anything.

Till then we just have to wait!

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