New Xbox Series X Update: Helps in Saving your Money & Environment

This news seems to be the one that Xbox users were waiting for!

Xbox has recently introduced a new mode that is designed to be more efficient for the environment. Xbox’s Energy Saver mode, previously reserved for Standby mode, is now able to download system and game updates.

They shared their plans on Xbox sustainability efforts in a blog post on Xbox Wire. Their aim is to be carbon negative, water positive, and zero waste by 2030. They also said that in late 2021, in Xbox Series S, they began incorporating Post-Consumer Recycled [PCR] resins into the manufacturing body and various internal components.

The resins are made from recycled materials like automotive headlight covers, plastic water jugs, and CDS. Both controllers will contain a portion of these resins. Using PCR resins, Microsoft, for Xbox Design Lab, introduces 15 preset color options.

xbox new update

Energy Saver mode, which is now the default option when players initially set up their consoles, consumes approximately 20 times less power than Standby mode and your electricity bills will be much lower with this Mode.

Now Standby mode seems unnecessary in front of this Energy Saver Mode. Energy Saver mode and Standby mode are almost indistinguishable. Energy Saver Mode also has the Quick Resume feature[that suspends multiple games at a time].

xbox new update

How to Enable Energy Saver Mode?

Following are the step from which you can enable Energy Saver Mode.

  • On your Controller, Press the Xbox button to open the menu
  • Head to Profile & System
  • On the appeared menu, Find the Settings
  • Press General
  • Click on Sleep Mode & Startup
  • Click on the Sleep Mode Option & Open the drop-down menu
  • Click on Energy Saver & Enable it

Here, Now you have enabled the Energy Saver Mode.

Enviromental Sustainability

Microsoft is committed to being more sustainable, and its continued efforts are a big win for both consumers and the environment. In addition to increasing the amount of PCR resins it uses, the company was also smart enough to convert Xbox gift cards from plastic to paperboard which saves over 500,000 kg of plastic perennial, and by the end of 2030, in OECD countries, all Xbox’s product and their packaging and accessories will be fully recyclable.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is an even smarter move, since most power usage occurs during gameplay on a console, the shift toward cloud gaming, which takes advantage of Microsoft’s datacenters, will help reduce the environmental impact. Microsoft plans to use renewable energy for its data centers by 2025 and can power hundreds of consoles per server over its lifetime, which means you can game without hurting Mother Nature.

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Switch to Energy Saving mode today, and you can save money and reduce your impact on the environment

What are you waiting for?

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