Easy Steps to Photo Cutout/Lift Object From Photos in iOS 16

I So Much Love the iOS 16 Photo cutout. It helps Me Lift Subjects From
Pictures Like Magic

Simply tap and hold to remove people, pets, or other items from your iPhone photos

Believe it or not, I love the iOS 16 Photo cutout. Not, because Apple throws old iPhone owners a bone every time with a free little makeover, new features, tricks, or a fresh look, but how ingeniously it solves a problem

Apple’s iOS 16 has a fun addition to its newest OS update. It’s called the iOS 16 Photo cutout. This nifty little feature might feel hidden in the margins that you probably didn’t notice because of how much attention the new iOS 16 Lock Screen naturally draws. We love that

However, I so much love the iOS 16 that it impressively extracts the subject of a photo or a video from background elements. This digital cutting of a subject out of a photo is insanely useful and super easy

The one biggest advantage?

It removes the laborious work on your part. Its ability to cut out part of a picture on your iPhone is a blessing that would otherwise be a pain using photo editing software, consuming a hell lot of time and effort

When you know how to cut something out of a photo and add it to another photo, it becomes so obvious that you would want to share the results with your group friends for maximum entertainment

The best part?

You can cut something out of a video and add it to another photo without Photoshop. This is utterly genius! Essentially, this new iOS 16 feature, separates the photo’s background from the subject and turns that selected subject into a separate image

You can then use this cutout image onto another photo or paste it into a photo or any way you like. You can also save this image and drag n’ drop it into a messaging app like WhatsApp or iMessage.

This is technically an enhancement of Apple’s Visual Look Up introduced in iOS 15 last year. Lookup in iOS 15 recognizes pets, plants, and even landmarks in your photos. When you used to select an object, it would provide more information with links to related articles from the web.

Now, in iOS 16 you can touch any object on any photo or video to cut things out of the picture and add that to another photo. So, Apple ingeniously used the existing machine-learning capabilities to lift the detected objects right out of the photo and paste them into another photo or illustration

It’s not that the iOS 16 photo cutout cuts an image out of a photo with objects that Visual Look Up recognizes, it can nearly crop someone out of the middle of a picture without the need for Photoshop.

Fashion bloggers on TikTok and other dudes who know about this are going crazy about the new hack. They have been “obsessing” over the image cutout and many have been using it to keep a little archive so they can easily reference them in the future.

Exciting, right?

I’m going to show you exactly how you can use the iOS 16 photo cutout feature and literally lift anything distinct – person, pet, street sign, household appliance, or any random object.

You can make this work on any iPhone model on the iOS 16 update:

● iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone XR
● iPhone 11 series
● iPhone 12 series
● iPhone 13 series
iPhone 14 series
● iPad Mini (5th generation) and newer
● iPad Air (3rd generation) and newer
● iPad (8th generation) and newer
● Apple TV 4K (2nd generation)

How do you cut something out of a photo and add it to
another photo?

Here’s how you can create image cutouts in iOS 16 and cut photos of people and pets from their backgrounds and wow your friends:

  1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone
  2. Find a suitable picture that you want to isolate and use it on any other object
  3. Long press the prominently featured object until a glowing outline appears around it identifying your picture
  4. Release your finger
  5. A content menu will appear. Tap Copy
  6. Open another app where you would like to paste your clipboard content. This will paste the subject of the photo on another app or picture

Use iOS 16 Photo Cut out to Share it on WhatsApp

If you want to use iOS 16 Photo cut out to show someone a photo on WhatsApp, you can skip the clipboard and do this directly via the iOS 16 share sheet

  1. Follow the above steps as you would do to hold the subject of the photo until haptic feedback and a glowing light appears around the featured object
  2. Release you finger
  3. A content menu will appear. Tap Share. The iOS sharing dialogue appears
  4. Choose WhatsApp to share the cutout image
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How to Use iOS 16 Photo Cutout to Cut Part of a Picture out with Simple Drag & Drop Gesture?

You can use iOS 16 Photo Cut out to copy the subject of an image, but this time drag it from the Photos app into a third-party app that supports drag-and-drop.

Mail, iMessage, Notes, and Reminders will work with photo cutout.

  1. Follow the above steps as you would do to hold the subject of the photo until haptic feedback and a glowing light appears around the featured object
  2. Begin moving your finger without lifting it. You should see a copy of the subject being dragged out of the photo with your finger
  3. Continue holding your finger on the image while using another finger to swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen to return to the home screen
  4. Hold on to your finger on the image and use another finger to open the app you would like to drop the image into
  5. Use your finger to drag the image to the position you would like to paste it
  6. Now release the finger to drop the image in there

Here’s what you need to know

When you drop the cutout image and drop it into a messaging app or social media app, it will paste it as a new post. Additionally, if you do the same with a photo editing app, for e.g, you crop a person out of a picture, the new image will be added as a new layer that you can move, resize, and edit in the same way as any other image cutout

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