Apple Trying To Save Battery Life By Introducing 8 Scenarios Where Always-on Display Turns Off

Just after a week after the iPhone 14 launch, Apple published a support document according to which Always-On Display gets darker or you can say gets turned off on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Notably, the document lists eight scenarios where the always-on display temporarily turns off.

To save battery life, the display is completely dark when:

  1. Your iPhone is lying face down
  2. Your iPhone is in your pocket or bag
  3. Sleep Focus is on
  4. Low Power Mode is on
  5. Your iPhone is connected to CarPlay
  6. You’re using Continuity Camera
  7. You haven’t used your iPhone for a while (your iPhone learns your activity patterns and turns the display off and on accordingly, including if you set up an alarm or sleep schedule)
  8. Your iPhone detects that you moved away from it with a paired Apple Watch (Always-On display will turn on when your Apple Watch is close to your iPhone again)

Moreover, Apple says

the always-on display uses multiple coprocessors in the A16 Bionic chip to refresh the display using “minimal power,” making the display “incredibly power efficient.”

You should know that the Always-on display mode is enabled by default on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. So, if you want to turn it off,

  1. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness.
  2. Scroll down to Always On and turn the Always-On display off or on.
    ios 16 iphone 14 pro settings display brightness always on callout

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