Super Mario Bros Final Movie Trailer Has Made Wild Revelations

The new Super Mario Bros movie is around the corner, and some wild action has been revealed in the final trailer. So here is a complete breakdown.

The new Super Mario Bros Movie is only a few weeks before the final release, and Universal Pictures has dropped a wild, Mad Max-themed trailer, which is said to be its final version. The movie will officially be released on April 5, and here is a glimpse of what to expect from the game adaptation.

This new trailer revealed more information on the movie’s story than before. The movie’s plot centers around Mario and Peach’s mission to save Luigi from his chains of the Bowser. The trailer also saw many spinoffs from Mario, such as Super Smash Bros.

However, the trailer revealed the biggest reference to Mario Kart as it portrays everyone racing their way around the Rainbow Road, one of the series’ most famous tracks. This new movie will be Nintendo’s second directly referenced display of the game on the reel.

Is Super Mario Bros Going to be the Exact Adaption of the Movie?

In their last movie-specific adaption, Nintendo revealed that they had changed a bit of Donkey Kong‘s style in the movie than originally seen in the game. However, this time there will only be one significant change from the game, showing Luigi being captured by Bowser instead of Princess Peach. This confirmation was seen as the trailer shows Luigi locked up in a cage. So yes, Luigi took the role of Princess Peach in the movie.

Casting and Directing of Super Mario Bros Movie

This time we will hear some recognizable yet famous voices in the movie as co-directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic have assigned the following roles to the big names of Hollywood.

Seeing these voices getting together on a project like Super Mario Bros sounds pretty exciting. Now it’s all up to the scriptwriters as the voice actors would add their magic to the dialogue. Super Mario Bros movie is set to release on April 7 in the UK region and April 5 in the US region, so mark your calendars.


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