How To Change Discord Sounds Or Ping Sound?

Do you really want to change Discord Sounds because you are really irritated by them?

As you know that Discord is the most used platform for gamers around the world and its important features such as screen share audioGo live streaming, and discord streamer mode.

But there are some users who are tired of listening to the same Discord sounds and those who are looking to change Discord sounds and disable Discord ping sound, you need to follow the guide below.

Why can’t you change the Discord Notification Sound on other devices?

You can’t change the Discord notification sound on other devices because Discord doesn’t allow to and the reason for this is that they want the default sound settings to be kept to themselves.

A user on Reddit mentioned that the Discord ping sounds are now stuck in his head even when the Discord app is closed on PC or mobile he’s still hearing Discord ping sounds.

If you are facing Discord Notification not working then follow our easy guide to fix it.

How To Change Discord Sounds/Notification Sounds?

First of all, you should know that you can change Discord sounds only on PC. As Discord app for PC saves the configuration files on the PC itself which will help you change the Discord notification sound.

Before you move on you should know that Better Discord is only available on Windows 11/10 and you cannot install it on macOS.

So, just follow the steps below Change Discord Sounds:

  1. First of all, you need to download Better Discord on your PC.
  2. Double click on the downloaded file and agree to the License Agreement option.change Discord sound
  3. Upon clicking Next you need to choose to Install BetterDiscord and then click Next again.How To Change Discord Sounds Or Ping Sound
  4. After choosing your Discord version, proceed to InstallHow To Change Discord Sounds Or Ping

The upcoming steps will let you know how to change sound on Discord:

  1. Click the Settings icon located next to the username left down corner
  2. Settings will open
  3. Under the BetterDiscord select Plugins > Open Plugins Folder.How To Change Discord Sounds Or
  4. Now you will see an empty Plugin folder or you can download your Notification sound from hereHow To Change Discord Sounds
  5. Drag the downloaded file into the Plugin folder.How To Change Discord Sounds
  6. Go to Discord plugins settings and your sound will be added there.
  7. When you will enable it you need to cancel Notification Sound Change Log pop up.change discord sound
  8. Upon clicking on the Gear icon, you will be able to adjust your Notification sounds and can add a new one too.How To Change Discord Sounds
  9. And you will be able to change sounds on Discord.

Can I Add Music Tracks as Discord Notification Sounds?

Yes, you can add music tracks as Discord Notification sounds but as you know notifications are to keep you alert quickly whereas the music tracks are made to listen for hours.

As music tracks aren’t made to be used as music tracts so we would recommend not to use them as Discord notification sounds.

What is Discord Ping Sound?

Discord ping is a notification in Discord whenever some users ping someone in a group the receiver will get a pop-up notification on their phone or desktop. And the ping starts with @ symbol.

How Do I Enable Discord Ping Sounds?

If you want to enable Discord ping sounds you can do this by following the steps below:

  1. Click the Settings icon located next to the username left down corner
  2. Settings will open
  3. Under the App Setting select Notifications.Change Discord Sounds, Discord Ping Sound, change discord notification sound
  4. Now scroll down and under the Sounds heading you can enable any Discord ping sound you want.Change Discord Sounds, Discord Ping Sound, change discord notification sound

Anf if you are really annoyed by the Discord ping sounds you can follow the same steps to disable the sounds.


In conclusion, it is possible to change Discord sounds but only on PC and the method we told you above is the only official one. Also, it’s great to have a sound that you like the most because listening to the same sound every time and every day makes it boring.

Moreover, beware of using third-party apps to change Discord sounds as it may result in a malware attack on your PC or your personal information can be stolen.

And if you got any questions regarding this then just let us know in the comments section below.


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