FIX: Discord Javascript Error on Windows 11/10/7

Facing Discord Fatal JavaScript Error Message?

I know you would be stressed up right now and thinking

How do I fix the JavaScript error in Discord?

You can solve the Discord JavaScript errors through multiple ways that are explained in detail in upcoming solutions:

  1. Restarting Your PC
  2. Quitting Discord
  3. Ending Discord from Task Manager
  4. Clearing Cache
  5. Checking for any third-party programs interfering
  6. Reinstalling Discord

Video Guide to Fix Discord JavaScript Error on Windows 11

4 Solutions: Discord Fatal JavaScript Error Occurred in the Main Process

You are not the one with this issue but many others complaining about discord fatal javascript error can’t find module and more errors.

The best news is:

It’s Solvable!

But first here are some questions which you should know relating to your problem

What does a Java Script error mean?

It occurs due to mistakes such as a missing character in code or a specified object that cannot be found.

Why does my discord keep saying fatal JavaScript error?

It means it can no longer access the files to complete the process and you need to get into the quarantine vault of your anti-virus software.

So just relax, because all you need to do is follow these 4 solutions.

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Solution 1: Clearing Solution 1: Clear Data to fix Discord JavaScript Error

As every app uses Cache/Roaming data for performance the same case is with Discord so, a corrupted cache file may result in a fatal javascript error occurred Discord, and the solution to this is:

  1. Go to the Task Manager and End all tasks related to Discorddiscord won't open end task ,discord javascript error
  2. Press the Windows key and type Run in the search box
  3. Enter and RUN command box will appear
  4. Type %appdata% in the Run command boxrun command box discord javascript error
  5. Right-click on the Discord folder and select Delete
    discord javascript error delete folder cache
  6. After this process restart your PC
  7. Open Discord and check to see if a fatal javascript error occurred Discord is fixed.

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Solution 2: Reinstall Discord by deleting AppData contents as well to Fix Discord Javascript Error

I am sure this method will solve your problem. Sometimes the solution lies in the app as many features update regularly so why not uninstall Discord and update it by downloading a new version.

Simply follow these steps:

  1.  Press Windows + R and a Run command box will appear
  2. Type “appwiz.cpl” in the command box and press Enterdiscord won't open reinstall discord
  3. An application manager will appear and look for Discord in it
  4. After finding it Right-click on Discord and select uninstalldiscord won't open uninstall discord
    The following steps are similar to the first solution
  5. Hold Windows Key + R
  6. Type “%appdata% “and press Enter which will show you all the app folder that contains their Contents such as cache
  7. Locate the Discord folder and delete it. If you can’t find a discord folder, it can be possibly hidden.
  8. Select View from the top bar and check the Hidden Items option
  9.  Now install the latest version of Discord and restart your PC again
  10. Launch Discord without having discord a fatal JavaScript Error Occurring in the Main Process.

Moving on to the next solution if the above didn’t fix a fatal javascript error occurred Discord.

Solution 3: Fix Discord JavaScript Error For Windows 7 Users

If you are a Windows 7 user then surely this method is going to open your discord without JavaScript error because many users of Windows 7 complain about discord not working properly and getting an error in the main process.

So just follow the steps to fix the Discord Javascript error:

  1. Click the Windows icon on the left corner at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Right-click computers on the right side of your Start menu and then select Manage which will be needing your administrative permission to access 7 start menu discord javascript error
  3. Navigate to Server Manager and then into the Features section.
  4. On the right side click the Add Feature option.
  5. Add Feature Wizard should open and then search for “Quality Windows Audio Video Experience” and tick the box next to itserver manager
  6. Click the Next option at the bottom to proceed
  7. Confirm Installation using the QWAVE option, and wait until the process is being carried out.
  8. Restart your PC after the installation is complete.
  9. Launch without a fatal javascript error occurred Discord.

This certainly should fix the discord javascript error occurred in the main process, and if it didn’t: there is still one last way.

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  Bonus Solution: Using Antivirus?

Antiviruses can block an app from functioning fully, and it needs to be added to the white list so the antivirus doesn’t affect it.

Add it to your exclusions by going into antivirus settings.

Can’t figure out? Comment down your antivirus and we will guide you

I have more helpful articles too if your Discord Runs into problems.

Lastly, I hope this was helpful for you in learning how to fix the Discord javascript error occurred. Please leave a comment or if any questions just ask.


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