Best GTA 5 Streamers On Twitch

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the greatest video game ever.

The story, graphics, and characters are amazing. The open-world you can explore is huge and never gets boring.

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It’s the fifteenth installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. The story is centered on the heist sequences, and many of the missions involve shooting and driving gameplay.


Unlike previous GTA games, there are now three main characters instead of just one. You get to play:

Michael, a former bank robber who is now living with his family in Rockford Hills;

Trevor Philips, Michael’s old partner-in-crime and a terrifying psychopath; and

Franklin Clinton, a young street hustler.

Each character has their own unique abilities and skills that can help them succeed on missions or just have fun exploring the city.

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For example, Michael can slow down time when he’s shooting a gun in order to get headshots more easily!

There are also many activities that players can do when they’re not on an important mission, such as buying apartments and investing in businesses around town. GTA V not only has more vehicles than any other installment in the series; it also has more weapons than any other game in the franchise.

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On YouTube and Twitch alike, Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most commonly streamed games. Its popularity has made it one of the most-watched games on these sites for years.

Top GTA 5 Streamers on Twitch:

These are the most-watched GTA 5 Twitch Streamers.

Note: the viewer hours, peak hours, and live hours are all according to TwitchMetrics.

1| Auronplay

Auronplay edited

Raúl Álvarez Genes, known on YouTube as AuronPlay or simply Auron, is a Spanish YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and comedian from Badalona, Catalonia. He first worked at a graphic arts and bookbinding company. His online alias, AuronPlay, derives from the name of Auron, a character in the video game Final Fantasy X.

As of September 2021, AuronPlay’s YouTube channel has over 3.8 billion total video views, making him the third most-subscribed YouTuber in Spain with over 28.7 million subscribers. Auron has also charmed a large crowd on Twitch with his gameplay streams.

Auronplay has 12.7 Million followers on Twitch and his performance of this month is 9,408,531 viewer hours, 217,976 peak hours, and 96 live hours.

2| Loud Coringa

Loud Coringa edited

Victor Augusto, whose online handle is Loud Coringa, grew up in Minas Gerais State of South Brazil, 22-year-old Brazilian content creator and streamer on Twitch. He joined the LOUD e-sports organization and started playing competitive esports.

After he retired from professional gaming, he stayed involved with LOUD but moved to creating content for the organization instead of competing. Now he streams videos of himself playing Grand Theft Auto V on Twitch.

Loud Coringa has 3.1 Million followers on Twitch and his performance of this month is 5,477,000 viewer hours, 100,492 peak hours, and 135 live hours.

3| Jaunsguarnizo

Jaunsguarnizo edited 1

JuanSGuarnizo is a Colombian Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator who is famous for his creative video content, which includes art, video games, commentaries, funny clips, and other streams. He was born on January 11, 1997, in Mexico.

He especially enjoys streaming video games such as Marvel’s Spiderman, Grand Theft Auto [GTA], Rust, Pummel Party, Warzone, Chess, and Call of Duty.

Jaunsguarnizo has 8 Million followers on Twitch and his performance of this month is 4,342,680 viewer hours, 79,110 peak hours, and 161 live hours.

4| JLTomy


Toma Abdellaoui, who goes by JLTomy online, was born in France and he runs successful Twitch and YouTube channels.

He specializes in various streams, but some of his most played games include GTA V, League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, CS: GO, and Fortnite. Before becoming a full-time streamer, he was passionate about rapping.

JLTomy has 1 Million followers on Twitch and his performance of this month is 2,844,575 viewer hours, 37,275 peak hours, and 155 live hours.

5| Buddha


A Canadian Twitch star is known for streaming Grand Theft Auto V. He also occasionally plays other popular games like Apex Legends and Among Us. In addition to playing Grand Theft Auto, he uploads GTA content to his YouTube channel. He is from Toronto, Ontario.

Buddha has 793K followers on Twitch and his performance of this month is 2,769,519 viewer hours, 28,006 peak hours, and 186 live hours.

This was the list of Top 5 GTA 5 Streamers, Hope you found your favorite streamer in the list.

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