15 Best Open-World Games Ever

The most anticipated feature for gamers which is open-world gaming is rightfully being incorporated into today’s best titles of all time.

The term you might not be familiar with is a dynamic opportunity to explore the virtual world without worrying about the demarcations each game stretches.

You are trusted to immerse into the fascinating virtual world in your own way without abiding by certain structured mechanics that each game comes with. Rules were set from the very beginning and the exciting audience knew what was up for them in the future.

open world games

We all have stepped into the “open-world” genre that keeps on getting intriguing as we go along.

Presenting you Top 15 games that feature the open world in their own specific ways. You will find each game utilizing the technology and ideas differently making them unique and apart.

Without further wait let’s scroll to the list!

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1| Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor

When the Middle earth Shadow of Mordor based on an iconic movie lord of the rings was released, youth was more or less not so interested since the expectations were not high at all especially taking into account the open-world introduction into the game.

Well, they were proved wrong! The game did an amazing job, giving the opportunity to maintain individuality while playing, making them realize that it’s their own game.

The most fun open-world experience in the game was that you can create Uruks, players will keep interacting with them and form their own narratives. There are various consequences as well if the player kills them – gets rewarded and if doesn’t kill them – opens up a whole new dimension. Whereas the Uruks who survive become more powerful.

If you get to share your experience with other players it will be different for everyone. That is the beauty of this game.

Middle earth Shadow of Mordor

2| Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The series’ principles fit the open-world idea perfectly. It has merged so smoothly into the theme. In order to take revenge, a venomed snake formulates an army to defeat them.

The bonding the player creates with the game over time is worth experiencing.

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

3| Minecraft

After this game was played by millions and millions of people, Minecraft still remains evergreen. One of the reasons is its unique lego aesthetic which appeals to quite a lot of users. A bunch of things will remain stagnant for instance, mining diamonds and boxing trees.

No matter how much you create a world around, few things shall stay the same however it keeps adding certain updates among which simple things can enhance the journey. You can build a dream house. You can even make a Redstone contraption which only you know how it works. Little exciting things will create the best open world.


4| Elden Ring

Elden Ring was successful in giving a taste of both open-world and output-based combat. It has fully captivating capabilities to engage you through environmental means, storytelling, and characters. The most important thing few gamers look forward to is the directions. You will never feel lost.

The play unravels unexpected inspiring and disturbing art direction. The best open-world game you can find is this! You have certainly found it.

elden ring

5| Ghost of Tsushima

Those who love Japanese culture, this is for you! The games relive Japanese history and mythology. You can perfectly get an open-world experience of living as a samurai warrior.

The player will start off as Jin Sakai as he seeks revenge against the Mongol army. More than fighting with swords you can expect a whole lot of fun exploring and collecting various items on an island named Tsushima. Open world fun is ahead of you in this game with a unique theme.

Ghost of Tsushima

6| The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 has set high standards for the RPGs and open-world plays such that it makes it difficult to not expect the same from other games.

The quality it has delivered is unlikely to be found elsewhere. The game is based on a fantasy novel, whoever has read the same title will definitely benefit. I would highly prefer to explore on your own, giving away the fun part wouldn’t do justice to the game.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

7| Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Since the release of this game, it has brought a great sense of adventure and a strong plot. The reason for its popularity is engaging the audience. Black flag has comparatively less complexity in the adventure as compared to other series at hand.

There is a huge open sea without any boundaries. You are assigned to venture as Edward Kenway who has the absolute liberty to upgrade the ship, and sail wherever you desire. Gen Z is most likely familiar with the pirates, you will enjoy the touch.

Assassins Creed IV Black Flag

8| The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Oblivion is a worthwhile game with a dynamic quest design and inclusive world. The title which came up previously is not preferable due to graphical changes compared to the 2011 sequel.

The base game was updated and improved, thanks to the base game we still get to enjoy the characters and story in a more refined way.

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

9| The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Plenty of games have drawn inspiration from BREATH OF THE WILD initiating its story and quest design however there is no way they can match the original work.

Unlike other open-world games which impose certain kinds of restrictions on the player in one way or another, this play arouses curiosity from within the player and makes them take interest in landmarks. Go get it right now because some amazing stories are waiting ahead.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

10| Grand Theft Auto V

I couldn’t think of not including Grand Theft Auto V in this genre of open-world gaming. It may be the most suitable game in terms of freedom to make it your own. GTA V is rightfully a space for players to move in. You get to have options to play either as a single player or with friends in the online version.

There is something incredibly satisfying about cop criminal games, lots of chaos and explosions. Get to visit lands, sea, and air… can you imagine!

Grand Theft Auto V 1

11| Red Dead Redemption II

The game has a lot to offer in the wild west, from wholesome animals that rockstar has created to unique characters and lots of random stuff to encounter.

Roger Clark as Arthur Morgan makes the best out of his rough and tough life. You will enjoy a great story!

Red Dead Redemption II

12| Death Stranding

Death Stranding is talked about in the town for its immersive open-world game design. It gives a little too much exposure. The ones who appreciate the open mindset will find this game unique yet weird at various points.

To keep you hooked they have got an amazing soundtrack and a talented cast. Those who want to play in a physical and metaphysical world are widely welcomed here.

Death Stranding

13| Skyrim

Skyrim is a leading light in the open-world game genre. Birthed by a creative developer it’s a plausible achievement. It’s in high demand because people label it as the ultimate open-world game.

Can you imagine the real story is in your hands! Whatever you want it to be. There are a lot of moments and events that make it the best. The story involves a lot of environmental storytelling and a huge fun ahead for you!


14| Horizon Zero Dawn

Creating an open-world game in a post-apocalyptic world can be a challenging step although the game has maintained an individuality of its own. Usually what makes them the best open-world game is that you are allowed to spend as much time within the gaming world created around you.

But making it possible amidst the story of how horrible humanity is, is a great deal of work! Don’t worry, it is assured to not make it boring at all, for you they have crafted bright, emotional, and fun moments as well.

Horizon Zero Dawn

15| Far Cry 3

Stepped up on Far Cry 3 which is so captivating and addictive. The story involves a beautiful yet dangerous isolated island, a villain which you can’t avoid.

Numerous vehicles, guns, and much more. It might not be as popular as other games are but it doesn’t dim the light of Far Cry 3. A sandbox game that provides you with a few tools to get creative with sandcastles. The games easily hook you in quests. Far cry 3 is worth a try!

Far Cry 3

And that’s the end of our list.

Have you found any good games to play?

That’s great! Have fun now!

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