How to Get Free Valorant Points [Ultimate Guide]

Many of the Valorant players want to acquire more and more Valorant points in order to buy new Valorant Skins.

Special Valorant Tracks –FOR YOU

On the social forums, people also ask other players how to get free Valorant points.

Some of the players are sure that there is no way Valorant gives out free Valorant points to players.

But, We have some pretty easy ways to acquire Free Valorant points.

Free Valorant points can be acquired by just making some art related to valorant and sending it to the support.

Riot, a Valorant developer welcomes such art from the player and they give Valorant points to the players for free.

Here I am attaching the Video where the Riot recognizes the fan art. They saved every drawing they received from players and give them Some Valorant points.

Will Draw For Riot Points: A Celebration of RP Art

This technique was discovered by the League of Legends (LOL) players and it can be used in Riot games.

So if you wondering how to submit the art to riot to have Free Valorant Points then follow the upcoming steps.

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Solution: How to Submit Fan
Art At Riot Support To Earn Free Valorant Points?

After making a good art related to Valorant now submit it on the Valorant support site.

It is recommended to describe your art and what it’s all about it might have a chance to earn more Free Valorant Points.

The Valorant support team will contact you and addressed your matter in a better manner.

Here is how you can contact Valorant support:

  • Open any web browser
  • Go to the Valorant support site
  • The valorant support page will open
  • Scroll down the page and find the “SUBMIT A TICKET” buttonValorant error code 33
  • Click on the button “Submit a request” new page will open
  • Under the “Choose a Request Type” heading select the “Billing, Payment and Premium Currency RefundsValorant error code 33
  • Now head to the next page where you have to sign in if you haven’t
  • Submit request page will open where you have to fill out the whole information they required.
  • After filling out all the details above now in the description you have to ask them to give you 10,20,50, Valorant points in the exchange for the drawing/art you make.
  • Now click SUBMIT button. Valorant error code 33

After submitting the ticket, Valorant support will contact you within 7 Working days max. Usually, the response comes up in two to three days. So, now you have to wait until a representative will reach out to you in the email.

Or sometimes players receive Free Valorant Points without getting any email.

If you still panicking and thinking that making some art is really hard.

For you, I am attaching a video of a Youtuber who received some Free Valorant points for the basic art he makes.

How to Get up To 50 Valorant Points for FREE

Hope all of the tutorials about how to get Free Valorant Points are really helpful for you.

If you have any queries or suggestions feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section down below or you can reach us on our social handles.


Is 1 or 3 higher VALORANT?

Valorant has eight major ranks which define the position and skill of the player in the game. These majors have sub ranks as you achieve the score and the requirement of the Sub at the end of the game you will earn it. In Valorant Ranks, the 1st is considered a low rank while the 3rd rank is considered the highest rank in sub Valorant Ranks.

What is Match Making Rating?

Match Making Rating also known as (MMR) is a rating each player has. This rating represents the skill level of the player. This rating eventually helps the Valorant to have accurate matchmaking when you are playing.


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