15 Top Telegram Tips and Tricks to Use it Like a Pro!

Telegram offers you to make groups and channels, and it also has a lot of bots that automate your task. You can make your conversation group chat more interactive and manage your channels by using some tips and tricks.


Do you want your Telegram account to be more manageable and exciting?


You are new to Telegram and not familiar with its features.

So, Don’t worry; in this article, I am telling you 15 Top Telegram Tips and Tricks to Use it Like a Pro.

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1. Silent & Schedule Message

In your contact, a person may be in a meeting or sleeping; you can send them a silent or scheduled message. This message will receive without any sound or vibration.

  1. Type your message
  2. Hold the send button for a few seconds
  3. A hidden menu opens
  4. You can select either Send without sound or Schedule message.

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 14 10 08 562 org.telegram.messenger

2. Edit Sent Message

It is an exciting feature you can Edit a message you have sent. Sometimes we send a wrong word or an incomplete statement that we want to correct for which Telegram offers to edit your message after sending it.

To edit a message on Telegram:

  1. Tap on a message you want to edit a small menu will open.
  2. Tap on the Edit option.

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 14 20 13 357 org.telegram.messenger
  3. Edit the message and tap on the tick button.
  4. After editing, it will show you the edited label after making the change.

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 14 20 57 853 org.telegram.messenger

3. Find People or Groups by Location

Telegram allows you to discover new groups and find new friends who live nearby you. You must enable the Find People Nearby feature to see the new people, and you only join those who allow the Find People Nearby feature.

To find new people

  1. Open telegram app
  2. Tap on three horizontal lines on the top left corner
  3. Go to the Contacts option

  4. Tap on Find People Nearby

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 14 34 32 483 org.telegram.messenger
  5. Tap on Turn on (Your location must be enabled)
  6. Now, You can find new people and also groups.

4. Create Polls and Quizzes

Sometimes you are confused, and you don’t know what you should do, like which movie is best or which brand offers the best sale. Telegram helps you create a poll and share it with your friends or group members, and they vote and help you choose which one is best.

To create a Poll

  1. Type @vote in the chat and tap on start
  2. Now tap on Public either Anonymous

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 16 27 09 849 org.telegram.messenger
  3. Send the Question

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 16 27 46 921 org.telegram.messenger
  4. Send options

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 16 28 28 790 org.telegram.messenger
  5. After sending all option
  6. Type /done command
  7. Your poll has been generated

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 16 29 17 010 org.telegram.messenger

5. Manage Chat Folder

This feature can help you organize and manage your chats in the labeled folder like Gmail labels. You can categorize your conversation into different groups and telegram sort things out for you.

To create a chat folder

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Go to Folders

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 16 36 23 155 org.telegram.messenger
  3. Tap on Create New Folder

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 16 37 04 252 org.telegram.messenger
  4. Add the Folder name
  5. Tap on Add Chats and Select the Contacts
    Screenshot 2022 04 08 16 37 34 050 org.telegram.messenger
  6. Tap on Save.

6. Delete Message on Both Ends

You can delete send messages for both sender and receiver like WhatsApp. But Telegram makes this feature advanced compared to WhatsApp. In Telegram, you can delete received messages for both sender and receiver, and this feature only works for a one-to-one chat.

To delete the message

  1. A single tap on the message you want to delete for android and a long tap for iOS
  2. A menu will open; select Delete 
  3. Tap on the desired option
IMG CE7C9D784513 1 edited

 7. Share GIF

Gifs make your conversation funny and easy. Telegram helps you find and share gifs, and you can also send and share gifs in the telegram channel and groups.

To send a gif

  1. Open your chat and type @gif something (type of gif

  2. Tap on the required gif and send.

8. Use Multiple Telegram Accounts on the Same Device

In Telegram, you can use multiple accounts on the same device. If you have a Telegram account for personal and work, you can run both accounts on the same phone. You don’t need two phones, which is a very reliable feature of Telegram.

To create multiple account

  1. Open the Telegram app.
  2. Tap on three horizontal lines on the top left corner
  3. Tap on the downward arrow as shown 

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 16 58 03 465 org.telegram.messenger
  4. Go to Add Account

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 17 04 34 037 com.miui .gallery
  5. Choose your Country and type the Phone number

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 19 43 07 968 org.telegram.messenger

9. Copy Part of Message

Sometimes you want a copy part of the message instead of the entire message, but other messaging apps do not allow you. Telegram Offers you to copy a part of the message, even a single word.

To copy a part of the message:

  1. Select the message you want to copy
  2. Hold for a second; the message has been selected.

    Screenshot 2022 04 13 13 21 53 221 org.telegram.messenger
  3. Lightly wipe your thumb on the part of the message or word
  4. A small popup option open 
  5. Select the copy

    Screenshot 2022 04 13 13 20 40 862 org.telegram.messenger

10. Share YouTube Video

Telegram helps you find and share YouTube videos, and you can also send and share YouTube videos in the telegram channel and groups. This feature allows you to share videos without leaving Telegram. Open the chat and type @vid something (type name of video or movie), and tap on the send button.

11. Hashtag

Hashtags use to search or filter topics on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In Telegram, the same concept applies. Just tap the search bar and type a hashtag and keyword; all Messages will filter using the following keyword.

12. Stop Yourself from being Added to Random Groups

In a group or public group, group members added you to other groups without your permission. This thing makes you annoying and bothers you. But don’t worry, telegrams allow you to change settings and stop these things.

  1. Go to the Telegram Settings
  2. Scroll down Privacy and Security

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 17 22 35 058 org.telegram.messenger
  3. Go to Groups

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 17 24 53 254 org.telegram.messenger
  4. Select My contacts

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 17 37 18 707 org.telegram.messenger
    If you want that, do not allow your contacts to add you to groups then, 
  5. Go to Add exception 
  6. Tap on Never allow
  7. Select all your contacts 

13. Bots

Boots are tiny programs that run inside Telegram and allow the third-party user to make bots using Telegram Bot API. Using bots, you can manage and organize your groups and channels, Play games, use YouTube, send and receive emails, listen to music, and much more without leaving Telegram. Telegram bots make your group and channel more interactive. There are a lot of bots that developers built for you.

14. Custom Theme Telegram

Telegrams have different themes with different colors, and you can apply these themes and change their color according to your choice; on the other hand, you can create a new theme that you want.

To create a new theme

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Select the Chat Settings

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 17 22 35 058 org.telegram.messenger 1
  3. Tap on three dots on the top of the right side

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 17 43 37 398 org.telegram.messenger
  4. Select Create new theme >> Create 

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 17 44 29 181 org.telegram.messenger
  5. First, add the name of your custom theme and edit the options.

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 17 50 35 874 org.telegram.messenger
  6. Tap on Save Theme, and Your custom theme has generated.

15. Share Live Location

It is another fantastic feature of Telegram; you can share your Live Location with your contacts.

To share your Live Location with someone

  1. Open the chat
  2. Tap on the attachment button

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 17 59 57 664 org.telegram.messenger
  3. Now tap on Location
  4. Tap on Share My Live Location for
  5. Choose the best option and SHARE.

    Screenshot 2022 04 08 18 02 11 304 org.telegram.messenger

I hope this article helps you solve your problem; the solutions mentioned above are informative and satisfying. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free you can be asked me in the comment section.

If you have any other solutions that worked for you, let me know in the comments below.

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