15 Best Telegram Bots for Groups You Should Try!

Telegram has unique and amazing features that are hard to find in other communication applications.

Group video calls, screen sharing, unlimited group members, cloud storage, themes, and search groups/users are some cool features of Telegram.

Bots in Telegram are another unique feature.


What are Bots?

They are tiny programs that run inside Telegram and allow the third-party user to make bots using Telegram Bot API. Telegram bots make your group and channel more interactive. 

There are a lot of bots that are available for you, and here we would be looking at 15 Best Telegram Bots for groups.

1. GIF bot

This bot makes your conversation funny and easy. Its works automatically and help you to find and share gif. To apply this bot, open your chat and type @gif something (type of gifand tap on the required gif and send.



2. Gmail bot

This bot allows you to use the official Gmail bot. You can send and receive emails without leaving the telegram interface. Open your chat, type @gmailbot, and send to apply this bot.


3. Com bot

@combot is very helpful for managing groups and large communities.

It has a suite of tools to manage a large audience. Com bot allows you to delete spam, unwanted content, and messages. It helps to group admins promote their groups.


4. Vote bot

Sometimes you are confused, and you don’t know what you should do, like which movie is best or which brand offers the best sale?

Then, @vote helps you to create a poll and share it with your friends or group members, and they vote and help you choose which one is best.



5. Game bot

Suppose you want to play the game in Telegram, type @gamebot in the chat text box, and wait for it to load.

Select the game you want to play, share it with a group, and play with friends.


6. Store bot

@StoreBot works like a store, or you can say store bot helps you find the best available bot on Telegram. You can search and discover other bots using the store bot and open them to new windows.


7. Get Media bot

@GetMediaBot bot allows you to get any media like audio, video, eBook, or document file anywhere.

Using this bot, you can directly download media from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, etc.


8. YouTube bot

You can use YouTube directly on Telegram using this bot. You can watch videos, channels, your subscription, and all YouTube content.

If you have a YouTube channel, you also share your content on Telegram using a @youtube.


9. Hotel bot

This bot helps you book a hotel; it uses the booking.com database and finds the best deal for you.

You can find the best hotel, check the hotel room images, and make your booking. You can filter the hotels by price popularity and deals.

Check at @hotelbot!


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10. Dr. Web bot

It is a fantastic bot on Telegram, or you can say it is the first anti-virus on Telegram. Sometimes group members send files that contain a virus, and they don’t know the files have a virus, but @DrWebBot automatically scans your group files and links.

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11. Song ID bot

Song id is a telegram music bot that identifies the song. If you forget the song’s name and details, it provides the artist who sang this song and its title. @SongIDBot also scans the direct links of services like YouTube and Spotify.


12. URL Shortener bot

When you share some content through online channels that are so long and difficult to share because the URL link is so long, on the other hand, short URLs are easily copied and pasted anywhere.

@URLshortenerbot creates the shortener link, which has easily copied and shareable.


13. Spoty bot

When you want to list the music, Spotybot allows you to list your favorite song without leaving the Telegram interface. You can also share your favorites with groups and friends and directly play the song on Spotify. Just type @spotybot and the name of the song or artist and enjoy your music.


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14. Skeddy bot

@Skeddybot is a remainder bot that notifies you to remind your task. Skeddy works like your reminder system, but it also works in the group. Skeddy reminds you of the upcoming events full of its responsibilities. You must make sure; You have enabled Telegram message notifications. After ten minutes, you want a call or play an online game with your friends. It will remind and notify you about your upcoming event.


15. File Converter bot

@newfileconverterbot is the best telegram bot, its can covert all type of files like audio, video, images, and documents. We can say it is an all-in-one file converter, its automatically download file and give you various formats you can convert.


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