We Can Now Use Instagram Searchable Map To Discover Popular Location

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Instagram Got 
A LOT More Useful

Mark Zukerberg of Meta lately announced in an Instagram story a new map function called searchable map that will let Instagram users discover popular local businesses near you and filter by categories.

We Can Now Use Instagram Searchable Map To Discover Popular Location
Image Credits: Meta

The new Instagram map will allow you to explore popular tagged locations, discover all the best and well-known locations, and then filter the results for various locations depending on the category involved. This can include bars, cafes, libraries, restaurants, salons, and more.

The new Instagram map lets you look up attractions and other hot spots directly in the app, rather than viewing where a photo was posted.

The searchable map features posts, stories, guides, and local businesses tagged by users.

Discover a new place

by tapping location tags in posts on your Feed or in Stories. You can also search the name of the city, neighbourhood, or place in the Explore tab.


help to narrow down the search results. Once, you find your required destination, you can save locations to check them out later.

Save Location

You can access the save location by going to your profile and tapping the hamburger menu in the top right and selecting Saved.

Instagram has also added several e-commerce features and the inclusion of a map has made the platform more friendly and useful.

Users are loving this new feature, and what do you think about this new feature?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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