Gran Turismo 7 overtakes Elden Ring to take pole position

Here comes another game racing to the top. There is just so much competition in the world.

I guess Nothing can stay on Top forever.

Recently Elden Ring was about to cross 1M concurrent player and now Gran Turismo is overtaking Elden Ring.

As reported by, Gran Turismo 7, the classic racing game from PlayStation, has become the fourth bestselling video game of the year after topping the UK boxed sales charts and knocking Elden Ring from its top spot.


According to an analysis by GfK, a prominent data analytics website that tracks sales performance, Gran Turismo 7 was the best-selling PS5 racing game last week. It also means that GT7 is the fourth new number one in the charts in as many weeks. The PS5 [and PS4] racing game sold 28% fewer boxed units than 2017’s GT Sport at launch, however, data shows that the digital market has accelerated significantly since that time.

Download numbers will be released later in the week. 76% of sales were for the PS5 version, with the remainder coming on PS4. It is PlayStation’s second No.1 of 2022, alongside Horizon: Forbidden West—Pokémon Legends: Arceus took the top spot at launch this January.


According to, As a result of GT7’s race to the top, Elden Ring slips to No.2 with a 69% sales fall week-on-week. This is quite a strong performance for a game of this type in its second week, where sales falls of around 80% are the norm. Elden Ring was also a digital smash hit last week and is comfortably the best-selling game of the year so far.

Holding third place is Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which saw a sales rise of 16% week-on-week. The Nintendo Switch game is the best-selling UK boxed game of the year so far [Nintendo does not share digital numbers]. This means at No.4 is Sony’s Horizon: Forbidden West, which saw a sales slide of 47% week-on-week.


One other new game in the charts is the Switch exclusive Triangle Strategy, which comes in at No.7. It’s the latest in a line of unusually titled Japanese RPGs by Square Enix. Triangle Strategy sold almost the same as last year’s Bravely Default II [at launch], but only managed half of 2018’s Octopath Traveller [boxed sales only].

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