Xbox Series X No Signal to TV HDMI? Here Are 8 Quick Fixes

Xbox Series X no signal to TV HDMI issue can be a frustrating scenario since you can’t even get any output from your console. Many users on Reddit have reported this issue with their Xbox consoles since it’s leaving them clueless while everything seems in its place and working fine.

To fix the Xbox Series X no signal to TV HDMI issue, make sure to check if your HDMI cable or HDMI ports are not damaged. If everythings good, proceed to power cycling your TV and make sure that you have selected the correct HDMI output on the TV if there are multiple ports on the display output hardware.

In order to help you get over the Xbox Series X no signal to TV HDMI issue, we have written this detailed guide featuring 8 simple solutions. We will also state a few reasons for the Xbox Series X HDMI not working issue so you can avoid the issue at first.

Why does my TV Say No Signal When HDMI is Plugged in Xbox?

Here we have stated a few potential reasons for the Xbox Series X no signal to TV HDMI issue that you must look for before proceeding towards applying the solution.

  1. Might be a good chance that your TV has some defects
  2. Or there is some compatibility issue with the console.
  3. Using the Wrong Port
  4. The HDMI cable may be worn out.
  5. HDMI Port may be damaged
Reasons for Xbox Series X no signal to TV HDMI issue

Video Guide: Xbox Series X No Signal to TV HDMI issue

Here we have enlisted the 8 possible solutions to fix the Xbox Series X no signal to TV HDMI issue by yourself without

Solution 1: Power Cycle Your TV

The first thing you can do is to turn the TV off, which I suggest is by plugging in the power cord directly and turning the TV on from the menu. It has happened to help a lot of users. Don’t forget to wait for 5-10 minutes before you turn it back on! Let us know if this helps you out as well.

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Solution 2: Xbox Series X losing HDMI signal? Check Your Xbox HDMI Cables

Change your HDMI cables because the HDMI not working on Xbox Series X can be due to a hardware issue besides Xbox software. Make sure you use 2.1 HDMI cables, sometimes labeled as High Speed. Let’s check if your Xbox Series X cables are faulty or not:

  1. Unplug your HDMI cables from the back of your both TV and Xbox Series X.
  2. If you are thinking to buy a new one then, first try switching the ends of HDMI cables.
  3. Plugin the HDMI cable of your Xbox Series X into your TV and vice versa.

And if this didn’t work then unplug the power cable of your TV from the switch for 1 minute and then plug it back in. Additionally, to fix Xbox HDMI Not Working, you can:

  1. Take a laptop or any device that has an HDMI port
  2. Connect it to your TV or any Display
  3. Check if the cable responds now.

Buy this Braided Cable if you Identify Your cable as faulty. 

image 89
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If you are still stuck then, it could be your faulty HDMI ports, so try checking your HDMI ports.

Solution 3: Check Your HDMI Ports

If you find your HDMI cable fine after following the 2 methods given before, you need to make sure that your ports are fine. Before that ensure that there is no faulty HDMI port.

What are the Causes of Xbox Series X HDMI Port Issues?

HDMI ports can cause issues due to multiple reasons. I’ll list a few reasons for Xbox Series X HDMI Not Working here for you:

  1. Dirt and dust can accumulate in the ports, which can interrupt transmission.
  2. Wrong position of HDMI cable: Bent cables can damage ports too.
  3. Faulty Cables can damage the ports too, so only authentic cables should be used if your original Xbox Series X cable gets worn out.
  4. The port can get damaged if you insert the cable forcefully. You need to be careful here!
  5. The worst situation that I hope no one goes through is when the HDMI chip on the Xbox Series X motherboard becomes faulty.

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How to Fix an HDMI Port on an Xbox Series X?

Firstly, you need to Identify by using a flashlight any damage to the ports. If you spot dust in the HDMI port, clean it yourself, either by blowing in the port. Or you can use earbuds to clean the dust as well. Additionally, upon inspection if you see any broken port or if the port is not fixed, then you need to get it fixed by a technician.

Video Guide to Fix Xbox Series X HDMI Not Working

Note: Do not attempt this repair to fix Xbox Series X HDMI Not Working if you do not have the skill or equipment to do so.

Solution 4: Power Cycling of Xbox Series X

It is possible that Xbox Series X No Signal To TV HDMI is actually caused by some type of temporary damage to the file that is currently stored in the temporary folder.

This will not only reset the console’s hardware but also clear any temporary glitches that may be affecting its performance

  1. Make sure the Xbox console is turned on properly.
  2. Now, press and hold the Xbox button on your console and hold it until the LEDs turn off.
  3. Once your Xbox console is completely off, wait at least 1 minute or so.
  4. Remove the power cable from the console and wall socket.
  5. Plug back in and press and hold the power button on your console again or you can turn it on by pressing the Xbox button on your Xbox wireless controller.

If the above solution didn’t fix your Xbox Series X not showing on tv then move on to the next one.

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Solution 5: Update Your TV Firmware

Updating your TV’s software may be a solution as TV manufacturers often release firmware updates in response to new gaming devices like the Xbox Series X. Updating the firmware can potentially fix Xbox Series X no signal to TV HDMI issue by ensuring that your TV is compatible with the latest hardware and software changes.

So all you need to fix this is:

  1. Visit the website of your TV manufacturer as it depends on the TV model you have.
  2. Update the Firmware of your TV by clicking on the following link:
  3. Or you can visit their nearest franchise
  4. The website/franchise will let you know how to update your TV firmware.
update samsung tv to fix xbox series x no signal

Solution 6: Launch the Xbox in a Low-resolution format

Launching the Xbox in low-resolution format can be helpful in troubleshooting display or graphics issues that may be preventing the console from functioning properly. By starting in low-resolution mode, the console will use the default graphics settings, which can help to identify and resolve the No signal issue.

A user on Reddit suggested this solution and was helpful to many other users.

Solution 7: Make Sure your Console is Clean

When you use the Xbox or any other electronic item make sure it is well protected from dust. When the dust got stuck in the vent of the Xbox the console gets heated and you start getting Xbox Series X No Signal To TV HDMI. Or in another case, the dust can stuck in the HDMI port of the console and this will also compromise the console’s performance. 

Here I am going to attach a detailed tutorial on how to clean Xbox Series X.

Material required for cleaning the Xbox :

  1. Cotton Buds
  2. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol
  3. A little needle
  4. Cleaning cloth

Video Guide: How to Clean Your Xbox Series X

Cleaning Fixes another very important issue. 

Xbox Series X/S Overheating is a common complaint of Xbox Users and if you clean it thoroughly, then it is possible for all the dust to be cleaned off in order to circulate air properly. 

If it still overheats after cleaning, you can use an Air Cooler for your console.

Cool Your Console, Check Out!

image 90
Check Out!

Solution 8: Contact the Xbox Support

If none of the above solutions didn’t work for you then all you can do is contact Xbox Support. Now contact the support and tell them the issue you are facing. If your console is under warranty then Microsft will replace it for you otherwise you have to send your console for repair to the Xbox.

Xbox support

If the hardware on your Xbox is damaged then it could be a potential cause of Xbox Series X no signal to TV HDMI issue issue, which can be fixed by getting a repair from the authorized technician.

Final Words

Xbox Series X no signal to TV HDMI issue can commonly occur due to faulty hardware like damaged cables or ports. To fix this issue, you can always try an alternative HDMI cable while making sure that you have selected the right HDMI output source on your TV. Hopefully, the methods mentioned in this article were helpful and now you have resolved the issue without any effort.

If you still have any queries of issues, let us know down in the comment section and we will get right back at you with the best solution.


  1. Why will my Xbox turn on but no picture?

    Your Xbox turns on but no picture because there may be a bent in the HDMI cable or the port may be dirty.

  2. Why is my Xbox on but not working?

    Your Xbox is on but not working as its needs a hard reset and this happened due to too much power supply.

  3. Why is my Xbox One X HDMI not working?

    Try to check the fitting of the HDMI cable on both ends of the cable. If the fitting of the cables is accurate then might be your cable is faulty or the ports of the TV and Xbox are not working accurately.

  4. How do I clean my Xbox One HDMI port?

    For the cleaning of the Xbox One HDMI port, you will need cotton buds and rubbing alcohol, and be careful while cleaning the HDMI port. And make sure the Xbox is switched off otherwise you might make contact with electricity.


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