Top 5 Video Games That Deserve a Sequel to Their Story

We’ve all lodged our memory with a game’s storyline that deserves a sequel to its series, like these major titles that never got one.

Every video game follows a unique storyline that defines its plot with a unique set of characters. Therefore, fans always expect video game sequels to return memories of their favorite titles. Usually, a sequel adds as the second, third, or fourth extension to the game’s series, like the Mafia III continuing storyline of Vito Scaletta.

However, sequels are not always necessarily a good addition, as seen in Max Payne 3. Still, gamers are always curious to expect what another expansion to their favorite title would be like. After listening to the gaming community, The CPU Guide has compiled a list of game titles that deserve a sequel to their series. Each of these game titles had the potential to create a lasting impression on their players.

1. Bloodborne

Release back in 2015; Bloodborne holds the title of one of the most iconic games for PlayStation 4. The game was known for its signature difficulty experienced in the soul games. The “Rally” system of the game offers more of an encouraging yet offensive combat style that allows you to regain health if you engage with the enemy after a short period of receiving damage.

The game was based in the dark and mysterious city of Yharnam, which has more of a Victorian-era-inspired infrastructure filled with enemies and creatures. The game offered spectacular boss designs, making Bloodborne the most popular in the Souls games. Now the fans hope to see another expansion to the game, and the player base was so strong that a fan made a trailer out of their imagination to expect how the Bloodborne 2 would look like.

Unfortunately, there are rumors and no confirmation that FromSoftware will bring another Bloodborne anytime soon. Still, there are options and hope, but I believe if there were a chance of making a sequel, FromSoftware would’ve made it already.

2. Vagrant Story

Vagrant Story is a classic action RPG developed by SquareSoft that combines an immersive experience with third-person exploration, weapons upgrading, and puzzle solving saga. The game holds a reputation for being one of the weirdest yet unique games from the PlayStation 1 era, as it does not contain any item shops. Moreover, you can’t even interact with the NPCs.

The whole game had this portrayal of isolation to it. Besides being a secluded game with limited options, the game offered a unique battle system with its somewhat real-time combat experience. This feature allowed players to pause momentarily to attack specific body parts of the enemies. The weapons crafting system seemed pretty complicated, though, as players had to combine various items to make powerful attacking gear.

The storyline ended adequately, but still, fans expect to see more of the Vagrant Story for its blend of action combat and engaging storyline. As for rumors and speculations, the game’s original director teased a sequel to Vagrant Story in one of his Tweets a couple of years ago. However, there are still no confirmations on the major release yet.

3. The Order: 1886

This game took it back to the late 19th Century with incredible visuals, superb voice acting, and cinematic touches. The Order 1886 went really off the hook with the memory lane, but there was one tiny little problem, the story was short. Being truthful to the old ways, the game couldn’t introduce much creativity and brought a forgettable story that direly needs some extension.

The Order 1886 portrays the idea of an alternative timeline based in London with uninspired combat mechanics. In this story, we fight with the werewolves and monsters in the Van Helsing style backed up with guns, which makes it incredibly appealing. Even though the game didn’t meet expectations, fans think this PlayStation exclusive deserves another chance.

Every player wishes to see more of it and how the game’s story continues in the gorgeous aesthetics of the later 1886. But unfortunately, the Senior Writer at Gearbox mentioned in his Tweet that he knows nothing about the sequel, and it is not expected to release anytime soon either.

4. The Bouncer

Square Enix is becoming more and more popular for making classic RPGs these days, with their experimentations on the various titles and genres. Unfortunately, The Bouncer has not been a part of that experimentation for a long while. The game was officially developed by DreamFactory, which was a mashup of RPG mechanics and more than one storyline leading to various ends.

The Bouncer offered a convincing combination of concepts, which didn’t help for long. The game could not portray a decent storyline and contained too many cutscenes, leaving no room for gameplay. Ultimately, the storyline was cut short, and the game ended sooner than expected.

The game didn’t live up to its potential, but it is still remembered in the gaming community. After almost two decades, fans on Reddit are still waiting for a sequel. Unfortunately, there are no speculations or rumors, as the game had a bad reputation for being square’s first PlayStation 2 game.


The original inFAMOUS was released 8 years ago for PlayStation 4 when it cast wonders by portraying a realistic touch to the series. The game was more immersive for its time by allowing players freedom of choice from good and bad options. Moreover, it offered the players a real sense of being a superhero by allowing weapon upgrades from 4 different power types.

Even though the game portrayed how great a superhero can become, it hasn’t continued the saga. After the Infamous Second Sun, the game developers Sucker Punch Productions clarified that they would not visit the series. The game has a large fanbase on Reddit that sends a clear message that they want a sequel to the game, but most of them have already lost their hopes.

Final Words

Playing sequels to the game always gives a refreshing dose to your memories to link back to all the moments and hours you spent on the engaging storyline. Unfortunately, studios either don’t reveal or simply have other plans when it comes to game development.

So which game sequel have you been waiting for? Let us know in the comments.

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