Minecraft Tributes Technoblade’s Death to Cancer at 23 leaving behind 13.5M Subscribers ?

Amassing A Whopping 13.5M Subscribers, Popular Minecraft Youtuber Technoblade Succumbed To Cancer At 23. Minecraft Adds Tribute To Technoblade After Streamers Death.

Minecrafts’ most celebrated personality and Youtube streamer Technoblade died battling Cancer.

Technoblade whose real name was Alex left a final statement for his audience, which his father read in the video titled “so long nerds”.

Technoblade, in another video titled “where I’ve been” disclosed to his Youtube community that he had stage four cancer in August 2021. However, his alive spirit kept him streaming Minecraft.

Hugely popular Minecraft streamer, Alex (Technoblade) was part of the hit server Dream SMP. Technoblade streamed and made content mostly on the server Hypixel and was assumed to be most famous for his talent in the games PvP.

He often played with other Minecraft stars, including Wilbur Soot, and TommyInnit. After the streamer’s devise, tributes to Technoblade started to shower in from other streamers and members of the Minecraft creator community.

One of Technoblade’s friends, the YouTuber Thomas Simons, better known as TommyInnit, described him on Twitter as a “legend”.

In the series of these events, Minecraft has extended the warmth and love for Technoblade with a tribute. As per The Verge report, a pig wearing a golden crown is now featured in the game’s launcher.

This is a callout to Technoblade’s Minecraft character which features a pig wearing a bejeweled crown.

image 70

The Minecraft team hasn’t yet directly acknowledged the splash screen update, as it lacks Technoblade’s trademark crown, but we can see the change in effect.

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