Apple Coming up With EXTREME Sports Watch

A Soon-To-Be Released Extreme Sports Apple Watch 
Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Of Its Generation

The reason is its rugged form factor. Apple’s extreme sports watch has lifted up the impression that incarnates the hunger for extreme sports athletes.

This untamed, brutal and viciously stronger Apple Extreme Sports Watch is for tough men who bomb down a trail or rock climb with their core to keep themselves propelled upward. This fitness-focused smartwatch is not aimed at people more concerned with fashion.

Apple Inc. plans extreme sports watch with:

  1. Larger screen
  2. Stronger metal case
  3. Rubberized exterior
  4. Tougher design
  5. Longer battery life
  6. Body temperature sensor
  7. Shatter-resistant screen; and,
  8. Sunlight-readable displays
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Extreme Sports Apple Watch Is Designed To Survive In The Wilds

This is the biggest Apple Watch ever geared towards extreme sports athletes. A well-written article by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg hints to us about the rugged Apple Extreme screen.

According to Mark, the Extreme sports model will feature an almost 2-inch diagonally. This will have about 7% more screen area. The screen display is expected a resolution of about 410 pixels by 502 pixels.

What’s new in Watch OS 9?

A larger display will allow for more fitness metrics and information on the Extreme Sports watch face. The sharpness will, however, remain the same as in the existing models. WatchOS 9 is also expected to include multisport workouts and improved intensity tracking during the workout routine.

How to Get the WatchOS 9 Beta Right NOW!

Larger Screen Offering Translates To Improved Productivity

By contrast, the Apple Watch Series 8 is said to maintain the screen sizes of the current Series 7. Bloomberg also reports that Apple’s working on a new model of the Apple Watch SE, the lower-cost Apple Watch.

There is a good reason for the launch of the new Apple Watch SE.

First, the next version of watchOS won’t support the Series 3 (the least expensive).

Second, the launch of the new Watch SE could give Apple an opportunity to fix the distracting price situation at the lower spectrum of its lineup.

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Mark Gurman also pointed to the use of strong metal material rather than stainless steel or titanium on other models. Along with this, a more shatter-resistant screen and a larger battery are rumored for Apple Extreme sports Watch.

The sturdier Extreme Sports Watch 8 like the standard Apple Watch Series 8 will feature fever detection. The soon-to-launched Apple Watch 8 Extreme models will improve tracking metrics like elevation while you are on the hike, and data while swimming.

Inclusion of Health Features Make the Apple Watch More Human

To my surprise, Apple will be retaining the same general performance. All of the new Apple Watches will use an S8 processor with similar performance to the S7 chip, and S6 in the previous models.

Bloomberg further expressed its view on the rugged version. They say that Apple was planning to expand its Watch lineup to better compete with offerings from Garmin, Amazfit, and other sturdier watch builders for extreme sports.

The Apple Watch Extreme Sports version is expected to cost more than the standard stainless steel Apple Watch 8, which is currently priced at $699.

Setting The Bar High For A Watch Means Ridiculously High Prices

All in all, the Extreme edition of the Apple Watch is a hardier take on Series 8 and is rumored to get out alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE, towards the end of 2022 or perhaps in September.

You should also note that Apple has not yet officially declared what it’ll actually be called. Most leaker and Apple rumors entitle it by its characteristics.

So, it’s dubious if it’ll be called the Apple Extreme Edition, Rugged Edition, Endurance Edition, or something else entirely.

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Apple Watch 8 Rugged Edition ‘Crazy’ Leaks & ‘Exciting’ Rumours

  1. Apple Watch 8 Extreme Edition will detect water damage and wake you up for that
  2. Apple Watch 8 Rugged Edition will get a body measurement tracking tool
  3. The Extreme Sports version will sense and change the parameters for what kind of touch is acceptable Things We’d Love to See Added To Apple Watch 8 Rugged Edition

4 Things We’d Love to See Added To Apple Watch 8 Rugged Edition

  1. GPS mapping function
  2. A bit more durability
  3. New and powerful processor
  4. Ample features over Apple Watch 8 to justify its existence
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