Want To Buy PS5 Right Now? You Need To Wait in a Queue

Need a PS5?

You have to wait in a Queue for that

Last month Sony restocked PlayStation 5 publically 3 days in a row allowing anyone with a PlayStation Network account to line up online for a chance to buy one and most of the users were able to grab one.

But for those users who were unlucky at that time, Sony has just made the PlayStation 5 available via its online store.

All you need to do is wait in the queue and wait for your turn to come (keep your volume on and you’ll hear a chime) you should be able to shop for a PlayStation 5 console, accessories, and games. It seems like Sony is currently only offering the disc-based PS5 for $549.99 with a digital copy of Horizon Forbidden West.

image 155

Sadly, there won’t be any bundle options for both the disc-based console and the PS5 Digital Edition available at the moment.

According to some users, the estimated wait is over an hour, because many of these online queues end before the estimated wait time is up.

You can also Request an Invitation On Amazon and get your PS5

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So, best of luck with your PS5!

And let us know in the comments section if you got one or not


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