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Discord is Going to Be the New Reddit – But How?

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Discord or Reddit?

Discord is going to be the new Reddit as according to Discord the new feature that has been started rolling out is Forum Channels

Discord describes Forum channels as “a place designed for focused discussions, not just free-range chatting” and server members will be able to browse these channels for what’s relevant or make a new one for a fresh topic.

Discord is Going to Be the New Reddit - But How?

Server owners and mods can create a Forum channel, a text channel, or a voice channel.

Discord in a blood post says:

Like Threads and Text in Voice before, Forum Channels let focused conversations thrive without hogging a channel. No more watching an interesting discussion get drowned out, hijacked, or abandoned because it went stale for a few hours. More than ever, every conversation has a place on Discord now.”

Forum Channels will have their own set of permissions, and server owners can create separate guidelines for each forum to help Discord members understand what the channel will be used for.

After months of testing the Forum, Channel feature is rolling out on Discord iOS, Android, and desktop pp.

Discord is Going to Be the New Reddit - But How?

Discord notes that all users won’t be able to use the feature right away but it will continue to expand access until Forums are universally available.

Have you tried this feature yet?

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