PS5 Rumors: Is PS5 Pro Coming Soon?

I know you have many questions regarding the rumors, hold your horses we will dive swiftly into it!

Yet another buzz to share with our PlayStation gaming devotees, Sony is rumored to upgrade its PS5 console to a pro adaptation and the release is supposedly scheduled by the end of 2023 or maybe early 2024.

The company is stepping up the game by presumably launching PS5 pro with up-gradation of many areas. It may appear very irrational considering the fact that people still find it hard to get their hands on a standard PS5, gamers face a shortage of Playstations in the market even today.

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Here we cannot ignore the innovation spirit, it may be the case that this rumored upgrade was in the pipeline for a long. We have come across the pro versions if not, tweaked versions of Playstation with changes here and there available in the market after approximately 3 years for each version till PS4.

Where people are still fighting to step up from PS4 to PS5, it’s hard to wrap our heads around the new talk in town.

Talking about the enhanced specification, RedGamingTech reports that the PS5 Pro will come up with a doubled performance as compared to the standard PS5. Ray Tracing will perform 2.5x efficiently. A piece of great news here for those who are into virtual reality technology and metaverse, apparently PS5 will focus on PSVR 2 too.

Expected PSVR

It is highly advised to not completely rely on rumours although this is something talked about a lot but still lacks confirmation from direct sources which in this case is the company SONY itself. The improvement intended in new versions is deliberately much stronger than the previous one so that it serves the purpose of an upgraded release hype.

I leave you here with excitement for PS5 Pro and hope for the availability of Standard PS5 in the market for those who are waiting to climb the ladder for so long.

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