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iPhone 14 Arrives For Purchase in Apple Stores around the World

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According to the Apple special event on September 7th, the pre-orders of iPhone 14 models begin on the 9th of September

And today 16th of September is also the official date for iPhone 14 to launch in stores and many lucky customers have already purchased their new iPhone models.

According to some pics shared by the fans, it looks like People are in a hurry to buy the all-new iPhone 14 and some also waited in the queue in front of the Apple stores to buy the new phones.

Another reason for such queues is that in the past two years, these lines have become rare due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced many people to order new devices online.

And if you have missed what’s new on iPhone 14 then check out this story

Here are some images from real consumers who bought the iPhone 14 and who have waited 12 hours in the queue for the phone.

I have heard that some pre orders have not been delivered yet

Has your iPhone 14 or Apple Watch Series 8 order arrived?

Let us know in the comments below.

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