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10-Hour Free Trial of Wild Hearts for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers have the unique opportunity to try out Wild Hearts, the action RPG developed by Omega Force, with a free 10-hour trial. With its release date on February 17th quickly approaching, this trial will give players a glimpse into the exciting gameplay that this collaboration between EA and Koei Tecmo has to offer.

Although it shares some similarities with Monster Hunter, Wild Hearts has its own distinct style and can potentially serve as a great alternative for those looking for a fresh and exciting gaming experience. Don’t miss this chance to try out Wild Hearts and decide for yourself if it’s worth purchasing.

“Wild Hearts, the upcoming action RPG developed by Omega Force, is giving players a chance to try the game out early with a 10-hour trial. The trial will be available to players who have a subscription to either EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and will be available starting February 13, just four days before the game’s official launch.

This exciting opportunity was revealed during a Reddit AMA with the game’s development team. With the latest trailer showcasing various weapon types and giving a closer look at the Kemono, Wild Hearts’ take on monsters, it’s clear that the development team is confident in their project and eager to give players a taste of the gameplay before release. Don’t miss your chance to get a head start on Wild Hearts and see for yourself what all the excitement is about.”

Wild Hearts, developed by Omega Force, has the potential to differentiate itself from other monster-hunting games by incorporating unique features such as the Karakuri. These inclusions are expected to contribute positively to the overall gameplay and make Wild Hearts a noteworthy addition to the genre.

Trying Wild Hearts will provide an opportunity for players to see how Omega Force has leveraged its prior experience to create something new and innovative.

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