What to Know Before Playing Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

The upcoming Fatal Frame Mask of Lunar Eclipse will release on March 9, 2023, and here is all you need to know before the big release.

An unforgettable horror will be experienced on March 9, 2023, with the new addition of Mask of the Lunar Eclipse to the Fatal Frame franchise. If I talk about an overall review, the game wasn’t quite popular back then and didn’t feel like a hype-worthy title. But after watching the new trailer, I began to think otherwise.

In this new Fatal Frame, we’ll be fending off ghosts using a camera with magical powers to detect paranormal entities like ghosts. The game takes a blast to the past for a group of teenagers looking for answers to mysterious questions. So, let’s dive in as The CPU Guide is here to share an overview of Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Gameplay and Storyline so you can get an idea that the game is worth playing.

Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Release Date

As I mentioned, Fatal Frame Mask of The Lunar Eclipse is releasing on March 9, 2023, on platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Like many other franchises are doing these days, this new Fatal Frame is the remake version of its original 2008 game for Wii. The game can also be purchased with a Digital Deluxe Edition that includes Digital Artbook and the Rogetsu Isle Dinner Party Costume Set.

Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Storyline

The storyline sounds pretty intense yet creepy at the same time. Mask of the Lunar Eclipse follows the story of Ruka Minazuki, who was kidnapped in an incident 10 years before the game’s story. This incident happened during the Rogetsu Kagura festival, held every 10 years on Rogetsu Isle in south Japan. These kidnapped or supposedly lost girls were found, but their memories were lost.

Ruka was one of the five rescued girls from that incident, with a slight memory of the melodic tune left with her. Now two of her survivor friends mysteriously died 10 years after the kidnapping. To explore answers, Ruka decided to visit the island where this incident occurred to uncover the mysteries that the Island holds.

Ruka Exploring Ghosts in Dark

Her curiosity is the motivation that leads her to find the answers, to learn what happened 10 years ago, as she can’t remember anything. Alongside her, she brings the other two survivors, Misaki and Madoka, to Rogetsu Isle.

Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Gameplay

Let me break down the gameplay into different sections so you can easily understand the game and how it is meant to be played.


Fatal Frame Mask of The Lunar Eclipse is a survivor horror game in which we can play four characters. The character will be the three survivor girls named Ruka, Misaki, and Madoka. While the fourth player is named Choushirou, the detective who saved Ruka, Misaki, and Madoka. Playing as these four characters during various sessions, we will encounter other ghosts who intend to harm us instead of simply scaring us of their existence.

4 Playable Characters from the Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Camera Obscura

To survive and protect ourselves against these ghosts, we’ll have to use the Obscura, a camera with magical powers to detect ghosts. With the help of the camera, players will have to take pictures of the ghosts, which can damage them.

Camera Obscura from The Fatal Frame

The damage the ghosts take depends on the camera’s angle and distance so you might need a little physics lecture over here, but nothing too technical. Now I know where the name “Fatal Frame” came from.

Damaging Ghost With Camera Picture in Fatal Frame

Players can also take a picture called the ‘Fatal Frame,’ which causes serious damage to the ghost and pretty much depends on the film type. It is just like the type of bullets in your gun; thus, the damage depends on that. However, taking the fatal frame shot is quite challenging as you have to take the picture while the ghost attacks you.

Points and Upgrades

We (the players) can earn points based on the picture quality we take. These points can be later used to purchase items at the save checkpoints. We’ll have to find Blue Gems scattered across the map to upgrade the camera.

Spirit Flashlight from Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Each character has access to a flashlight to explore visibly in the dark areas. However, one character has a special ability with the Spirit Flashlight that utilizes moonlight to still the ghosts.

Final Words

In conclusion, I would say the Fatal Frame Mask of The Lunar Eclipse seems pretty promising regarding the plot, storyline, and gameplay experience. The game raises a sense of curiosity and fear, which is more like a cinematic experience, and I find it pretty unique from others. Stay tuned for more updates; we will review the game after the final release.


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