Nintendo Switch Black Screen

Nintendo Switch Black Screen? Is your Nintendo Switch screen black? So the reasons behind this could be mostly a drained battery, faulty AC adapter or your screen might be damaged. But you don’t need to worry because there a number of solutions listed below to fix your problem. Solution 1: Hard Reset Your Nintendo Switch […]

Nintendo Switch Overheated

Does your Nintendo Switch Overheating? Do you feel hot to the touch Nintendo? You may have noticed that after playing the Switch on the docking station for a few hours, the console feels much hot than usual. In fact, touching it is almost painful. Don’t go anywhere, here you have easily solved your Nintendo switch […]

How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch

Wondering How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch Console? If you are not using the Nintendo Switch console, turn it off like any other electronic devices, This allows the hardware to: Reset potentially defective software, and; Charge the battery faster. If you are taking a break, the Nintendo Switch’s sleep mode is better. This option turns […]

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