PSN Server Outage Resolved After Hour-Long Disruption

Gamers were left frustrated earlier today as the PlayStation Network (PSN) experienced a widespread outage, causing many to be unable to access online features or play games. However, after an hour-long disruption, the issue has been resolved and users are now able to access PSN once again.

The cause of the disruption was a technical issue that was quickly identified and resolved by the PSN team.

PSN network up

Many PSN users took to social media to express their frustration during the outage, with some reporting issues with their console’s connectivity and others reporting errors such as Error WS-115762-2. However, the vast majority of users reported facing PS5 Error CE-117773-6

It’s not the first time that PSN has experienced a disruption, with many users experiencing similar issues in the past. However, the PSN team has been quick to respond to these issues and has generally been successful in restoring services in a timely manner.


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