How to Make Clothes, Upload & Sell Them on Roblox?

This is a complete guide to making and uploading clothes on Roblox by following simple methods to have your own unique identity in the game.

Looking unique in a rapidly growing online game with millions of players can be challenging. The same is the case with Roblox, where almost every player gets the default avatar that is very much similar to someone else’s in the game.

Luckily there is a solution, as the game allows players to upload their custom clothing. However, make sure that you have a Premium Membership that will unlock your access to uploading clothes.

In this guide, we will show you how to make clothes and upload them on Roblox by following a few easy methods. We will also discuss how you can wear and sell clothes.

Making and Uploading Shirts in Roblox

Roblox features two types of shirts featuring Standard Shirts and T-Shirts. The standard shirts have many options with a fully customizable template. On the other hand, T-Shirts are simple clothing options with an image on the front that is the only customizable option in it.

Making and Uploading a T-shirt in Roblox

  1. Click on the ‘Create’ option.
Accessing Create Tab in Roblox

2. Click ‘T-Shirts’ from the left panel in Create.

Accessing T-Shirt Tab in Roblox

3. Now click ‘Choose File’ to select the 512×512 px image you want to paste on your T-Shirt.

Uploading an Emoji for T-shirt in Roblox

4. Once you have chosen an image, click the upload button, and that’s it.

Now you just have to wait for the approval of your design before you can use the new T-shirt on your Avatar.

Making and Uploading a Standard Shirt in Roblox

  1. Click ‘Create’ from the upper panel.
Creating a Standard Shirt in Roblox

2. Now select ‘Shirts’ from the left panel in Create.

Downloading Shirt Template from Roblox

3. Before uploading your shirt, create it using the template by clicking ‘download it here.’

4. You will find a Shirt Template image to download that denotes each shirt section.

Roblox Shirt Template

5. Open in an image editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

Designing Shirt for Roblox in Adobe Photoshop

6. Create a new transparent layer and select the ‘Torso’ section by painting it with your cursor.

7. You can play with colors by drawing anything on the colored template boxes and saving the design.

8. Go back to the Shirts tab in Create and click ‘Choose File’ and then ‘Upload’ to post your design.

Uploading a Shirt in Roblox

And that’s about it. Your shirt is complete and will require approval before you can wear the new one.

Making and Uploading Pants in Roblox

Making Pants in Roblox follows the same process as making the Standard T-shirt, and you can customize them as you want by following these easy steps.

  1. Go to the ‘Create’ tab from the upper panel.
Creating Pants in Roblox

2. Select ‘Pants’ and click the ‘download it here’ to get the Pants Template.

Downloading Pants Template for Roblox

3. Now open the Pants Template image and select the colored areas on the image to design the pant.

Designing Roblox Pants in Photoshop

4. Once you’re done, save the design on your storage.

5. Go back to the Pants section under the Create tab.

6. Click ‘Choose File’ and then ‘Upload’ your selected design.

Uploading Pants on Roblox

And you’re done. Your pants design will upload on Roblox. Now you have to wait for approval before you can wear them.

How to Wear and Sell Clothes in Roblox

Before selling your customized clothes for Robux, you’ll have to wait for approval. When your clothes are approved, your design thumbnail with a preview will appear in the list.

Previewing Uploaded Clothes on Roblox
  1. To sell your clothes, click on the ‘Settings’ icon next to your clothes and select ‘Configure.’
  2. Click the ‘Sales’ tab and toggle the switch next to the ‘Item for Sale’ section.
Enabling Selling option in Roblox

3. Now set the price for your item for at least 4 Robux and click save.

Saving the Sale Price in Robux

And you’re good to go, and your item will be available for sale on Robux. You can also remove the outfits in Roblox if you don’t like the clothing design.

Final Words

Designing and uploading clothes in Roblox is easier with the help of third-party software like Adobe Photoshop or MS Paint. You can also use the Roblox Studio to design shirts and pants, but it might be a bit challenging for beginners. We hope our guidelines were easy enough to assist you in making and uploading clothes in Roblox.


How much it Costs to Upload or Sell Clothes on Roblox?

It costs 10 Robux to upload clothes on Roblox. For trading in clothes, Roblox will charge you 30% of your Robux sale and 70% of the remaining earnings.

How Much Can You Sell the Clothes for On Roblox?

The minimum amount for selling standard shirts and pants is 5 Robux. You can sell a T-shirt for a minimum of 2 Robux.


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