Best Ways To Turn Off PS5 Easily

Looking at How To Turn Off PS5?


You might be thinking about How To Turn Off PS5 with a PS5 controller?

If Yes,

then you really don’t need to worry because we have some easy ways mentioned below through which you can Turn Off PS5.

Video Guide: Best Ways To Turn Off PS5

How do I turn off DualSense on PS5?

You can turn off the DualSense controller by holding down the PlayStation button for about 10 seconds and the lights will go off.

How To Turn Off PS5 using the PS5 DualSense Controller?

Every other person using a PlayStation 3 or 4 can turn it off,

but turning PS5 off is not that much easy.

So here’s How To Turn Off PS5 using the PS5 DualSense Controller:

  1. Press the PS button on your controller.
  2. You will see a bottom row having navigation options.
  3. Go to the Power icon on the left and select it.POWER ICON
  4. You will see three options, Enter Rest Mode, Turn Off PS5, or Restart PS5.
  5. Now select the Turn Off PS5 option and your PS5 will fully shut to turn off ps5

And if you want to download updates or charge controllers then, you can use the Enter Rest Mode option.

Moving on to How To Turn Off PS5 through the console.

How To Turn Off PS5?

This is the second easiest way for How To Turn Off PS5 is from the console directly.

But you have to get up if you are lying down or sitting far because it can be done from the console.

  1. There will be two buttons on the black bar in the middle of the PS5 console
  2. And if you have a PS5 digital edition then there will be only one button.
  3. Look for the power button because if your console is horizontal then it will be on the left.
  4. And if it’s vertical then the power button will be at the bottom.
  5. Press and hold down the button until you hear two beeps and the PS5 will turn off completely.
  6. And don’t unplug the console from its AC power cord while the console is being shut down.power button ps5

So, these were the best ways we could get for you on how to turn off PS5; and,

If you got any questions, just let us know in the comments section.


  1. Can you appear offline using the PlayStation app?

    Yes, you can appear offline using the PlayStation app changing the Online status in the settings.

  2. How do I turn off voice command on PS5?

    Here’s how you can turn off the voice command on PS5:
    1. Click the Gear icon on the top right of your PS5 home screen.
    2. Select Accessibility.
    3. Now scroll down a bit and select Screen Reader.
    4. Click the Enable Screen Reader option and turn it off.

  3. Who is the voice in the PS5 commercial?

    The voice in the PS5 commercial is by Travis Scott

  4. Why does PS5 turn itself on?

    Your PS5 turns itself on due to the PS5’s HDMI Device Link setting turned on as whenever you will turn on your TV, PS5 will also turn itself on.


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