Discord Nitro Free

Looking to boost performance with Discord Nitro for Free?

And wondering how do I get Nitro for free?

Does Nitro Boost Expires?

Nitro boost only stays boosted as long as your Nitro lasts

How do I claim my nitro code?

You can claim your discord nitro code by

  1. Going to Gift inventory section in User Settings and get your gift through redeem codes.

What is Discord Nitro? Is Discord Completely Free? 

If you are looking for an enhanced Discord experience then Discord Nitro is the next step you got for this.

  • It comes with a premium subscription(Discord Nitro Isn’t available for free or any free code available, don’t join any fake groups that claim Discord Nitro Free)
  • It comes with enhanced and new features, server boosts, and;

It comes in two variants:

Discord Nitro VS Nitro Classic

How much does nitro cost on discord?

  • Discord Nitro which can cost you up to ($9.99/Month, $99.99/Year)
  • Nitro Classic which can cost you up to ($4.99/Month, $49.99/Year).

discord nitro vs nitro Classic

So before you pay for Discord Nitro you must know about its features


you should know if it’s worth it or not and for that just continue reading it.

Discord keeps crashing Unexpectedly

Discord Nitro Features

What is good about Discord Nitro?

discord nitro features

The free Discord version has all the features that you need during your game but Discord Nitro comes with some additional features such as:

Discord Features You Might Don’t Know About

Screen Sharing

You will be able to share your screen up to 720p (60FPS) 1080p (30FPS).

Global Custom Emojis

You will not be restricted to those emojis which are on your server also you can use any emoji on any server and this includes private conversations too.

Custom Discord Tag

Every Discord user has a random four-digit number after its username and after this subscription, you are allowed to change the digits to anything you want until that specific combination isn’t taken.

Discord Installation Failed

Go Live Streams

This feature will allow you to stream with as many as 50 people and you can stream at 720p(30FPS) on the free version and in Nitro at source quality.

Discord Javascript Error

Animated Avatars

Now you will be able to use your animated GIF as an avatar instead of the static image.

Upload Limit

With this subscription, you can upload a larger file of 50 and 100 MB.

The subscriber also gets a fancy badge on his/her profile.

Discord Errors

Is Discord Nitro worth 2021?

So here’s the deal if you use discord like two to three time a week or less for just voice chat with your game mates


You shouldn’t subscribe to it because those features mentioned above won’t be of no use to you.

On the other hand, if you use Discord daily then subscription of Discord Nitro is worth it!

As there are dozens of servers which you will be part of and you will be needing all the above-mentioned features.

Also if you are an owner of a server then it’s worth paying for.


I hope this will be a helpful guide for you to choose if we should subscribe to it or not and Do comment!

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