ps4 errors

Minecraft PS4 Not Loading

Are you facing an issue on PS4: Minecraft ps4 not loading It’s not a ‘new‘ bug at all, it’s been a game issue for months. Many people are annoyed by game issues such as Minecraft not loading or Minecraft stuck on Mojang’s screen. If you encounter similar problems, Don’t Worry. We have covered everyone! Certain […]

Minecraft on PS4

Minecraft on PS4: Minecraft has been on PlayStation for a long time, but never quite like this. Minecraft fans no longer have to be envious of their friends on other platforms, because the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft is on PlayStation 4. Minecraft on PlayStation 4 supports split-screen play for you to build with friends. You […]

PS4 Controller Not Charging

PS4 Controller Not Charging? Whenever you plug in your USB charging cable into your controller, the light on the front doesn’t show up? How do I know my ps4 controller is charging? When you press and hold the PS button the charge level of the battery appears on your screen and the light turns to […]

PS4 Won’t Turn On

PS4 Won’t Turn On? Don’t worry because I am here to help you fix this but first you need to know the root cause of this problem. A few questions that I have answered for you if your PS4 isn’t turning on, else jump to Solution 1. PS5 Not Turning On? Why is my PS4 […]

PS4 Safe Mode Loop

PS4 Safe Mode Loop? PS4 usually stucks in a Safe Mode Loop with no exit paths working. This guide tells 6 different ways in which you can exit safe mode easily Why does my PS4 keep going into safe mode? The reasons behind your PS4 stuck in a safe mood could be a loose cord, […]

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