Memory Allocation On Xbox Series S Consoles Has Been Optimized For Better Graphics Performance

Less friction for Xbox Series S game dev(s)

The memory constraints for Xbox Series S developers are now addressed with additional megabytes of memory. This will give Series S developers more control over memory. The optimized memory allocation on Xbox Series S console will likewise improve graphics performance.

Developers Had More Problems With Limited Memory Than Its CPU and GPU Power

These concerns like 1080p and lower resolution than its X series have captured the attention of Microsoft. Although the number of megabytes has not been specified, any enhancement would be of great help for Xbox Series S game developers.

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Series S Titles Can Now Take Better Advantage Of Memory Improvement

Microsoft’s Game Development team announced in the video detailing the updates: “Hundreds of additional megabytes of memory are now available to Xbox Series S developers”.

Microsoft, in the video, “addressed an issue where graphics virtual addresses were being allocated considerably slower than non-graphics virtual addresses”.

This simply means the Xbox Series S titles can take better advantage of other recent enhancements in memory management that it has added to its Xbox developer tool.

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A Small Update From Microsoft Will Remove Pain Around Optimizing Xbox Series S Games

The Xbox Series X takes the power from its powerful GPU and 16 GB RAM while the affordable Xbox Series S consumes 10GB RAM of which 2GB is reserved for OS tasks. These memory constraints have been identified by Microsoft’s Game development team by reducing the memory friction for the Series S developers.

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