Good News For PS5 and Xbox Fans!

You will be able to play Outer Wilds on your PS5 and Xbox Series X/S as announced by Annapurna Interactive and developer Mobius Digital.

On 15th September 2022, new version of Outer Wilds will be available at 60 frames per second while running at a 4k resolution.

In addition, those who already play Outer Wilds on PS4 and Xbox One can upgrade to this version of the game for FREE.

Back in 2019:

Outer Wilds was released on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It became the highest-rated game that has ever been released by Annapurna.

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Mobius Says: "I just wanted to reassure everyone that no, you didn’t collectively hallucinate our announcement of Outer Wilds for the Nintendo Switch. It’s possible we were a bit overoptimistic on the time frame… at this point it’s possible we just fundamentally misunderstand the Gregorian calendar, but it’s still happening and we’re working hard to bring a great version of Outer Wilds to the Switch."

Nintendo Switch?

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