Spider-Man Vs Batman: Arkham: The Battle Begins!

Considering PS4 and PS5 plenty of options are out there, it covers every genre.

I have brought you 2 of the most favorite and memorable superhero games. The Batman: Arkham and Spider-Man have provided an unforgettable experience therefore are compared the most. I must say they both have originality and distinction.

I have brought into light a comparative case where you will be able to understand the best for yourself by reading the analysis. Without further delays let’s break it down.

Comparing Battle Art of Spider-Man and Batman: Arkham

There is no doubt that Batman: Arkham Asylum was the standard-setting kick in superhero games. On the other hand, Spiderman has got some real good fighting techniques, although both are close in terms of mechanics and structure, but spiderman wins a point for having some extra parkour skills, swinging abilities with little details make it a win-win situation.

Batman incorporates individual fighting styles whereas spiderman has a variety of options available, you are open to mixing and matching the moves. That does not make Batman a less interesting game in fact he has got some physical, close contact moves for instance punches, etc. A plus for spiderman is the fact that games keep updating their techniques whereas we don’t see a noticeable frequent change in Batman: Arkham.

batman vs spiderman

Comparing the Characters

That’s a tie, both games have done a fabulous job in developing characters. The torchbearers have done absolute justice.

In Arkham batman had a difficult time going through psychological trauma due to the joker’s death. Also stopping Scarecrow from destroying Gotham, definitely had a lot on his plate. The Batman game advances the danger and missions as you go along. His character brings an emotional aspect to the game, and the writer has carefully driven the concept.

Spider-man was formed in an affable and low keyed manner. Nothing in spider man was similar to batman’s emotional aspect and deep storyline. But yes you get to see a wholesome relationship between Peter and Dr. Octavius. There was no gap left in portraying the villains as needed, the execution was done accordingly, requiring more depth in Batman as compared to superman.

batman vs spiderman 1

Comparing the Stories

In the early times, games were made for the sake of enjoyment which could be taken as a means of diversion. Stories did not have a deeper meaning to them. In modern times gaming genre has become more personal where you are given a chance to experience several emotions. The games are deliberately designed on an idea that the characters carry forward. Now we are one step ahead of what it was back in the day.

Arkham Knight is a stopper to all the previous series. The pressure was already built up to end the story the way it deserves. Along with that Arkham Knight successfully engaged the audience in an emotional, long story.

Spiderman did a great job in laying the story beautifully. Everything was designed perfectly as the requirement and expected. Writers smartly intertwined non-superhero elements with superhero features.

batman vs spiderman 3

Closing Remarks

I can’t even decide for myself which game is the best. Stating a verdict would create biases therefore the best way for you is to decide for yourself.

Both games have their originality. Try both and experience slight changes here and there.

I assure you will thoroughly enjoy it.

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