Atomic Heart is Reportedly Facing Issues on Xbox Game Pass

It turns out that Atomic Heart is off to a bad start with performance issues on Xbox Series S and the Game Pass bug. Here is a fix you can try.

The Xbox Series S players couldn’t enjoy Atomic Heart as it went off to a bad start, with many issues appearing right after the launch. For starters, Xbox Game Pass users cannot complete the introductory mission, making it feel like they are playing the game’s demo version.

But that’s a fixable issue. The real problem is the game’s graphics optimization which has received a lot of praise on all the platforms except the Xbox Series S. Players experienced huge frame drops in the open-world environment, which seems pretty annoying. So what can you do about it?

The CPU Guide is here to discuss a solution you can try to bypass the Xbox Game Pass bug. In addition, we will discuss the performance issue to see if there is hope for any improvement update or if it will be another Forspoken with its bad dialogues and optimization.

How to Fix the Atomic Heart Game Pass Issue

The Xbox Game Pass players who immediately downloaded Atomic Heart after the launch mentioned that the game is stuck in the introductory mission and cannot proceed with the campaign. It’s still not clear what’s causing this glitch. However, players who preloaded the game are facing this issue as well. Xbox Game Pass players on PC face the same issue.

Full Version Message Glitch in Atomic Heart

The message mentioned above is supposed to appear if the game is still installed and we try to run it. Unfortunately, the glitch still appears for the Xbox Game Pass on PC, even when the download is complete. Well, I have discovered a couple of fixes that you can try, as they worked for many in the Xbox community.

Fix #1

  • Quit the game entirely and relaunch the Xbox Game Pass App.
  • Run the game, and you’re all done.

Fix #2

  • Close the game correctly and ensure it’s not running in the background.
  • Ensure the installation is complete for the correct version and run the gold or premium edition.
  • Open the game, and that’s about it. You can progress further in the storyline without any issues.

Atomic Heart FPS Issues on Xbox Series S

Mundfish made huge claims regarding the graphics quality and optimization of Atomic Heart, and the reviews from PlayStation and PC players prove it true. However, Xbox players complained about the unstable FPS drops during intense combats and car driving. Here is a test The Fuzion Xbox Testing ran, which shows significant leaps between the 40 to 60 FPS range on Xbox Series S.

In my opinion, I would expect the same as Atomic Heart is a AAA title FPS game which is launched after the new-gen consoles had hit the market. I don’t think there will be an update for the game, but that’s not the only issue. We also observed that the game has a fixed FOV across all platforms, with no option to set it. Luckily Mundfish has heard the community this time and assured that the team is working on a solution to fix the problem immediately.

Final Words

Atomic Heart received a lot of praise for its optimization, gameplay, and storyline. It earned pretty decent ratings from reviewers like IGN. However, various issues surface once players invest more and more time into it. It’s a AAA FPS title, so I hope Mundfish will look into the issues to offer a nearly perfect experience.

Have you faced any issues while playing Atomic Heart? Let us know in the comments.


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