Meta Announces Quest Pro virtual reality headset

After a lot of hype and leak images all over the internet,

Meta has Finally officially unveiled the Quest Pro virtual reality headset.

The Quest Pro was revealed during the Meta Connect keynote. Meta also confirmed that the Quest Pro is NOT designed for gaming and only for work.

Also says:

Quest Pro is the first device that is powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ platform, optimized for virtual reality to run at 50% more power than Meta Quest 2 with better thermal dissipation.

When talking about the design the Quest Pro is slimmer and more compact than the Quest 2. The lenses are shaped like a pancake and a curved-cell battery on the rear, which Meta claims is both “the slimmest and most balanced VR device [it has] ever made.”

The Meta Quest Pro is available now to preorder for $1,499.99 and will launch on October 25.

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Meta also claims to have 37% more pixels per inch and 10% greater pixels per degree than the Meta Quest 2.

When it comes to the controllers are known as Touch pro controllers, having built-in sensors on each controller, allowing you to track your position in a 3D space.

Meta says

the controllers are designed to provide stable stacking across all of your VR apps.

What are you waiting for

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