Lamborghini Executive Join Hands With Apple To Work On Its Self-Driving Electric Car

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Apple Inc. reportedly hires Luigi Taraborrelli, a former Lamborghini veteran who stepped down as head of research and development for chassis and vehicle dynamics for Lamborghini’s car business.

A 20-year veteran of the Italian carmaker, Taraborrelli will lead the design of Apple’s future vehicle. The Apple Car has been under speculation for years and occupied the codename Project Titan.

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Due to internal layoffs, departures, and road bumps along the way, Project Titan has been put on hold. But, Taraborrelli brings some exotic-car experience on board as he leads the most senior managers on Apple’s EV team.

Taraborrelli has expertise in chassis development as well as areas such as handling, suspensions, steering, brakes, and rims according to his LinkedIn profile. Apple car has previously incorporated high-profile engineers from Tesla, Rivian, Alphabet, Mercedes-Benz, and Aston Martin on its team belt.

The recent hiring of Taraborrelli suggests Apple’s commitment to producing an electric car around 2025 with a space-esque design, and a limousine-like interior, but without a steering wheel or pedals. It will be fully autonomous as the company visions it.

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