Hitman Freelancer Mode: How it Works [A Quick Overview by TCG]

Hitman 3 has been renamed the World of Assassination after the recently released Hitman Freelancer mode featuring maps from the Hitman Trilogy.

IO Interactive has been listening to their players, which got the development team going to bring a whole new assassination experience for the gamers. So, if you already have access to Hitman 3 on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, you’ll get the update for the additional maps from Hitman and Hitman 2.

The new Hitman World of Assassination brings a challenging gameplay experience with its new rogue-like gameplay in Hitman Freelancer mode. But beware, the game is addictive and made me feel like I’m really bad at gaming. Therefore, The CPU Guide is here to give you an overview of how to play as Agent 47 in the new Hitman Freelancer mode.

Hitman Freelancer Gameplay and New Content

The Hitman Freelancer mode was launched on a test trial in November 2022. IO Interactive did a pretty decent job before releasing the final release on 26th January to gather feedback from gamers on how they can enhance the gameplay experience.

Rogue-Style Gameplay

The rogue-style gameplay experience allows players to gain complete control of Agent 47, the world’s deadliest assassin, who is focused on taking down a range of international criminals. Unlike the usual assassination experience, I noticed access to a wide range of tools in the game to build complete gear.

Hitman World of Assassination Freelancer Mode

The gear choice depends on the strategy I took to assassinate my targets. Yes, I was able to bring weapons of my choice for any mission, but there was a catch. As soon as I failed the mission, I lost my weapons, making the game pretty challenging.

Merces Earnings and Punishments

Since we’re talking about freelancing, Hitmatraditionalssic currency is kept in use for each campaign mission. However, there are some deductions and fines that I had to pay in Merces for every time I missed up. Merces amount have now two more zeros, so it looks more in value and quantity.

Merces Currency in Hitman Freelancer

Merces were rewarded each time I completed the game’s campaign mission successfully. Each objective has a payout value of its own to enhance the gameplay achievement element, which seems pretty cool to me. Now I will enlist the punishments to make things more challenging.

  • Each time I killed a non-target suspect who wasn’t part of a strategy, I lost some Merces.
  • I lost Merces for killing each innocent person like NPCs.
  • Every time I died or failed a mission, I lost half of my hard-earned Merces.

Merces can be used to buy weapons and gadgets, increasing their value as I tried my best to collect as much of the Hitman currency as possible to purchase assassination tools.

Collector’s Edition Weapons

I find it frustrating that I lose my favorite weapons every time I fail the mission. However, the new update has fixed this concerning issue by allowing to purchase of “Collector’s Edition” weapons to store on the gear walls. There is a limit to bringing weapons or gadgets (typically up to 5) on a mission, so I got to choose only some specific tools.

Purchasing Weapons from Supplier in Hitman Freelancer

So, the weapons I bought under the collector’s edition didn’t lose when I failed a campaign. I also noticed these distinct UI tags on weapons which made it easier for me to distinguish between the freelance tools and weapons reserved for the campaign. Weapons can be purchased for Merces from suppliers and are available in different locations in the game.

Supplier on Map in Hitman Freelancer

Personal Safe House

For the first time ever, players can now access Agent 47’s safe house, which is the main ground for planning mission strategies to take out the assassin, or you can wander around resting between your gigs. I discovered that could do the following activities in the safe house.

  • Plan missions
  • Test guns
  • Showcase weapons and gadgets

In the beginning, the safehouse felt more like a hideout as it seemed pretty barren. But with the elevating progress, the place becomes more interesting with featured items and weapons on the wall.

Agent 47's Safehouse in Hitman Freelancer

By completing missions, you gain Mastery, unlocking new portions of the house with better customization. The game felt more and more like SIMS, but it’s nowhere near it when it comes to the open-world assassination so let’s not mix them by making comparisons.

Agent 47 Gunrack in Hitman Freelancer

Freelance Assassination

When I first heard the name “Freelancer” for Hitman, I got the vibe that would be more freedom in this one, and yes, it turned out to be true. The game’s storyline consists of assassinating criminal leaders of our choice.

Syndicate Campaign Progress in Hitman Freelancer

The Freelancer mode allows us to play as Agent 47, aiming only to bring down the syndicates and their network by gathering intel. By identifying the web, we have to take down targets on different levels to reveal the actual syndicate, as shown in the image above. It sounds like a pyramid scheme but a fun way to progress through assassination.

Syndicate Types

IO Interactive brings an entirely new experience by giving us a one-time opportunity to take down the syndicate in a direct showdown. To enhance the gameplay experience furthermore, syndicates are divided into various types, as featured below.

Syndicate types in Hitman Freelancer

Each syndicate type has its own set of objectives, challenges, and locations to fly around the world. The difficulty increases after each syndicate, so the new update has scaled down the number of enemies we face on each level.

Syndicate File in Hitman Freelancer

Syndicate Showdown

After completing the game progress, your syndicate will be cornered and appear on the map for a one-on-one showdown. I suggest it’s better to study the intel properly to understand more about the target. Following the intel is essential as there are various lookalikes in the showdown, and I believe it’s nearly impossible to find the syndicate without the intel.

Syndicate Showdown Stage in Hitman Freelancer

Once I went to the location, it was totally up to me to find and kill the syndicate based on the behavior and looks. I found a relatively helpful item in my inventory called the Suspect Camera, which allowed me to mark suspects who were not syndicates.

New Weapon on Gunrack in Hitman Freelancer

Upon completing a mission successfully, I was awarded a Reward Crate containing three random items, including either gadgets or weapons. As I said, all the challenging aspects in the game are more fun to discover and apply for a strategic assassination plot.

Campaign Failure

The campaign won’t fail if you fail a mission before the final syndicate appearance by any chance. However, the territories will be alerted, with a yellow marking indicating that your target knows that you are coming.

Alerted Territories in Hitman Freelancer

Now one thing that seems pretty challenging and annoying at the same time is failing the syndicate assassination mission. Once I failed to kill the right syndicate as I was not sure about the syndicate’s identity. As a result, the campaign failed, and I had to start over, suffering the loss of the following items.

  • Equipped weapons
  • Choose disguises
  • Items and gadgets
  • Half of Merces


Hitman has a lengthy history of presenting the best silent assassination experience for the game since November 2000. For the first time, the game has adapted the newly launched concept of the deadliest assassin making his way into the modern-day world.


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