GTA V coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S – Ray tracing included

Buckle up your seats, You are about to hear a piece of great news.

Recently it seems like a festive season for the gamers as many news related to games are seen like Apex Legends available on Steam Deck, Resident Evil on PS5 and Xbox, and recently Elden Ring about to cross Millions of Concurrent players on Steam.

Isn’t this great?

Rockstar Games on Twitter announced that Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online are coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S! The game includes a story mode and an online multiplayer mode. It will be available for the new consoles on March 15.

5 enhancements in GTA

Rockstar Games has also announced that they’re releasing new versions of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online with new graphics modes featuring up to 4K resolution, a frame rate of up to 60 frames per second, improved texture quality, HDR options, and ray tracing, as well as utilizing the technical advancements of the latest console hardware for faster loading times, immersive 3D audio, support for platform-specific features, and more.

Enhanced Grand Theft Auto V:

Enhanced Grand Theft Auto V lets you choose from three graphics settings, each one tuned to offer a different experience.

1. Fidelity mode: Tuned for highest visual quality and targets 30 FPS, with 4K resolution and ray tracing enabled.

2. Performance mode: offers the most responsive gaming performance, pushing 60 frames per second at upscaled 4K resolution.

3. Performance RT mode: offers a hybrid of Fidelity and Performance modes, with 4K resolution and ray tracing enabled, at upscaled resolution and 60 frames per second. [While Xbox Series S does not support ray tracing, it does support run-time scaling.]

gta v

Enhanced Grand Theft Auto Online:

The massive and unrivaled experience of GTA Online will continue to evolve with the power of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. This new generation of GTA Online includes a range of new vehicles, a new addition to the Los Santos Car Meet, and additional content for Grand Theft Auto V.

gtav 1

Even more, GTA Online will also now be available for the first time as a standalone title for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Plus, for the first three months from launch, GTA Online will be available to download and keep for free for PlayStation 5 players, making it easier than ever before for new players to experience everything GTA Online has to offer

New to GTA Online?

For those new to Los Santos and Blaine County, we’ve added a series of features that should make your transition into Grand Theft Auto Online as smooth as silk. New players can receive $4 Million in starting cash with the new Career Builder feature, which gives you the ability to purchase and own Multiple Properties, Vehicles, and Weapons.

gta v 2

In addition to the aforementioned changes, they’ve also added a newly designed introduction and tutorial for new players, a redesigned main menu that allows you to easily access GTA Online activities, including Freemode sessions, Heists, Deathmatches and Races, Adversary Modes, the latest Weekly Event content, and more.

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