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A passionate PlayStation Gamer was overjoyed to discover the PlayStation VR2 available for purchase at a nearby store, more than a week before Sony’s highly anticipated VR headset launch as recently an official unboxing video by Sony provided VR fans with details of the cutting-edge features included in the next-gen headset.

PlayStation VR2

The post’s author, user Caerise, revealed that they were able to get the highly-anticipated PlayStation VR2 over a week before its official release. Caerise didn’t disclose the name of the store where they bought the headset, to avoid any trouble for the store owners. The user did mention that the local store has a history of selling new tech items before their street date.

The user purchased a PS VR2 bundle with Horizon Call of the Mountain but the system is not allowing him to download the game yet

PlayStation VR2

Even though Caerise hasn’t had the chance to play any games on the PS VR2 yet, he still shared his thoughts on some of the other features that were available for testing. One of these features is the Cinematic Mode, which allows PS VR2 owners to watch movies and play non-VR games on a large virtual screen with 1080p HDR resolution at either 24, 60, or 120hz. According to Caerise, the image quality is so impressive that it can serve as a viable alternative even if you own a 77-inch OLED TV

PS VR 2 will be officially released on February 22 so if you haven’t pre-ordered yet then HURRY UPPP

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