Twitch Tags Guide: All You Need Know

Living in the world of tags, we all know what Twitch Tags would mean. Adding appropriate tags to define our images on Instagram, and get more likes/followers is what we all do.

Tags behave similarly everywhere as I have tagged this article “Twitch” for search engines to know what the article is about and for better sorting on the website.

What are tags on twitch?

Tags help viewers to identify the specific stream they want to see.

Like in the gaming category many streams are going on but if someone wants to watch a shooting games stream then they will search with shooting tags and the related stream will appear.

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Tags are important to streamers too?

Yes, Twitch Tags play a very important role in your stream.

Tags will help you to pull more traffic on your stream than normally. the probability of ranking your channel on first in some tags is very high.

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Why twitch is not adding my Tags?

Twitch tags are not normal tags you add on social media or any other platform.

Twitch specifically has a list of tags that only can be used to define your stream.

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List of Twitch Tags: Twitch Tags Categories

Complete List of Twitch Tags

Stream Tags

Stream Tags are generally applied by creators or their channel editors to streams (up to five at a time).


1 Credit Clear

For streams with an emphasis on completing a coin-op arcade game without using any continues


For streams with an emphasis on the objective of completing 100% of a game

12 Hour Challenge

For streams related to the participation in or discussion of the annual 12 Hour Challenge event, in which streamers attempt to learn a speedrun within 12 hours

Category Tags

Category Tags are applied to categories, and generally describe things like game genres. They cannot be applied directly by creators to their streams.



For strategy games with an emphasis on eXploring, eXpanding, eXploiting, and eXterminating


For games that feature elements consistent with the Action genre

Adventure Game

For games that feature elements consistent with the Adventure genre

Automatic Tags:

Automatic Tags are automatically applied to streams when certain conditions are met. They cannot be applied directly by creators to their streams.


Activity: Circle of Slaughter

For streams featuring the Circle of Slaughter activity in Borderlands 3

Activity: Proving Grounds

For streams featuring the Proving Grounds activity in Borderlands 3

Activity: Takedown

For streams featuring the Takedown activity in Borderlands 3

How to identify which tags are for my stream?

we recommend to search on twitch and see what tags are your fellow streamer is using in the same category you are streaming.


Twitch has the ability to automatically add a tag if you fall into the criteria they have.

Is any tool which helps me to have tags easily?

Well, right now stream labs obs are using by streamer to have tags in-stream and this tool make work easier.

it allows the user to change tags during the streaming in a very easy way I am attaching the detailed video which will help you understand how it works.


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