The Best Free Nintendo Switch Games

We have listed down 10 free Nintendo switch games for you to play right away!

You can now sit down free from strife because we have brought you a way to play more quality games without having to pay a single penny.

This list will hopefully help you.

Many of us have already sacrificed enough for being charged exorbitant prices for consoles. It feels awkward to even buy each game after paying a heavy sum for the console.

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In order to minimize your guilt, you can still make the most out of your switch games by opting for a smarter way.

Since it’s pretty understandable to run out of money, you can resort to the following 10 Nintendo switch games which you can play.

Free games imply that you won’t have to pay. Some games require you to have a Nintendo game online account and then you are free to play without any cost.

1| Pac-Man 99

Pac-Man 99 is a surprising remodeling of the classic pac-man formula. The fun part is whoever manages to survive out of 99 players, wins.

The fact that it’s easy to access always does not assure simplicity. It is an intricate play where you have to eat incoming ghosts. By eating ghosts it sends some other obstacles to your opponents as a way to complicate the chances of winning. A Lot of icons are available for use after you fulfill the required task however a few come with paid limitations.

pac man 99

2| Brawlhalla

If you enjoy jumping and hopping from here and there, this game would do justice to your time and if you love playing with friends, Brawlhalla would serve as a cherry on top as it gets more interesting in a group play.

It is a fighter game. There are a lot of items that various players can unlock allowing them to gain certain powers. The game has a large variety of characters that play as fighters, you have various options to choose from.

A little turn-off for graphic lovers is that it has not-so-good character animations and facial expressions as they all look pretty constant in their expressions during the intense fight, we all long for some spice in games after all!


3| Rocket League

Now this one is exciting by the unique idea it holds. The game is all about football or some may call it soccer with cars! I must say that is cool. The flowing pace of the cars and the overall game give extra satisfaction.

All you need to do is practice until the skillset is unlocked to play with no looking back. Rocket League has three major modes to choose between according to your liking, it includes easy, competitive, and tournament. The evergreen feature is that you can play with friends on PS4 and PC as well.

Go explore!

Rocket League

4| Super Kirby Clash

The game came after the team Kirby clash deluxe on Nintendo. With the help of a team you play against bosses subsequently, you get a rank based on how long it took you to defeat the boss.

You can purchase weapons and armors that unlock according to your rank. Interesting thing is that you can play different roles, each of them have distinct kinds of fighting abilities. You can explore this game for free! So go check out right now.

Super Kirby Clash

5| Tetris 99

Tetris 99 is another free game for Switch owners. The theme and vibe are pretty much similar to pac-man 99, which is a battle royale game.

Wiping away the longest lines will send obstacles to other players and vice versa making the game intense as you pace forward. You know the rest of the drill.

Tetris 99

6| Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular games for even those who are not really into the gaming world. The popularity shows how much it has been played and enjoyed. It’s a fantastic game to run on switch.

The game itself has advanced in a cool manner. Again it’s a tense battle royale game. The fun fact is that each one has free access to it and you can play with friends.


7| Island Saver

The game has an exciting face to it. The core theme involves action-adventure, it plays along with cleaning up the island. Similar to other games as you progress new items are accessible to use, and various abilities and fun features are unlocked.

We have to sweep and carry away plastic bottles from the island and clean the greens with water which is quite an insightful message conveyed through a game. The storyline is very interesting and I encourage you to unravel yourself.

Island Saver

8| Asphalt 9: Legends

Personally, I have been a racing game lover and as much as you crave that intense competitive race, unfortunately, we don’t have many quality options available.

Asphalt is a savior in this case! It provides a thrilling experience. After winning a race you get blueprints for upgraded vehicles. The challenges keep on increasing, I would suggest giving it a try if you haven’t already.

Asphalt 9 Legends

9| Warframe

As you hop into this intricating world of missions you get to suit and reward yourself in the form of a lavish Warframe. A highly optimized armor.

The game entertains self-sufficient players as well as a great teamwork mindset where you can team up with up to 3 members. Just keep on discovering without paying heed to spending money.


10| Pokemon Quest

The game got immensely popular at its release due to the virtual reality experience, you may have caught plenty of pokemon but now you have got the chance to grab cute small cubical pokemon.

Although the game is free, keep on dodging the paid version if it pops up. You will be accompanied by up to 3 pokemon to fight, if you are lucky enough to succeed each time, can cook stews to attract other pokemon to join the team.

Pokemon Quest

Why are you wasting your time now?

Go ahead and enjoy your free games!

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