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3 Easy Ways To Fix Steam Deck Black Screen

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Are you facing Steam Deck Black Screen?

Does your Steam Deck shows a black screen, but you can hear the sounds from the console speakers?

The first thing you need to know is that you are not the only one having this issue with your console as other users have also complained about the Steam Deck screen turning black or sometimes it flickers when they turn it on.

So, we have some useful solutions for you to get your Steam Deck black screen fixed and for that, you need to continue reading the guide below.

steam deck black screen

Why did my Steam Deck Screen Turn Black?

3 common reasons for Steam Deck’s black screen:

  1. Console Damage: If you have recently dropped your console then the Steam Deck black screen could occur.
  2. Battery Drained: If you are facing a Steam Deck black screen of death then this could be due to a drained battery which could be seen whenever you switch on your console and a low battery warning appears before the screen turns black or off.
  3. Hardware Issues: Your AC adapter might be broken or worn out or the dock may be broken or the power socket is nonfunctional.

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Solution 1: Force Reboot Steam Deck

The first thing you need to do is force reboot your console to overcome Steam Deck Black Screen.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Power button for at least 12 secondsHow to Install the Epic Games Launcher on Steam Deck
  2. Press the power button once to turn the console back on and check if Steam Deck black screen is fixed.

Now moving on to the next solution to fix Deck Black Screen of death.

Solution 2: Check the AC Adapter

If the above solution didn’t work for you then this surely will work for you as the charging adapter or the charging dock is broken or damaged, resulting in Steam Deck Black Screen. In some cases, the power socket might be faulty.

So, just follow the steps below:

steam deck black screen
  1. You need to check your AC adapter by making sure you are using the original 45W USB Type-C. And if it’s not this then try replacing it with an original one.
  2. Check your charger for any cuts or worn-out parts on the cable, if there are any then purchase a new one from Steam Deck store online.
  3. Then connect the adapter to the console to overcome Steam Deck Screen.

If you are still facing Deck black screen in handled mode then you can try the last fix.

Solution 3: Contact Steam Deck

If you cannot get rid of the black screen on your Steam Deck after checking the charging accessories, force rebooting, you should contact Steam Deck and ask them to perform the necessary repairs on the console.


We hope you get to fix the Steam Deck black screen issue. Also, we recommend that you start the troubleshooting by fixing battery issues such as AC adapter/dock and if you face any hurdles while trying the solutions then do let us know in the comments section below.

We will be happy to assist you!

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