3 Quick Ways To Fix Steam Deck Black Screen

Does your Steam Deck show a black screen, when you turn it on or in desktop mode?

The first thing you need to know is that you are not the only one having this issue as other users have also complained about the Steam Deck screen turning black after updating to the latest version

how do I fix this? Its completely black screen with the fans at max
by u/CanceRevolution in SteamDeck

In this article, we’ll help you overcome the Steam Deck black screen issue and get back to enjoying your games.

Why is my Steam Deck Screen Black?

4 common reasons for Steam Deck’s black screen:

  1. Console Damage: If you have recently dropped your console then the Steam Deck black screen could occur.
  2. Battery Drained: If you are facing a Steam Deck black screen of death then this could be due to a drained battery which could be seen whenever you switch on your console and a low battery warning appears before the screen turns black or off.
  3. Hardware Issues: Your AC adapter might be broken or worn out or the dock may be broken or the power socket is nonfunctional.
  4. System updates: Sometimes, updates to your console can cause compatibility issues, which can result in a black screen
steam deck black screen after turning on

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Solution 1: Force Reboot Steam Deck

Many users were able to get over the Steam Deck black screen with cursor after a force reboot

Just follow these steps:

  1. Just disconnect everything from the console
  2. Press and hold the Power button for at least 12 seconds or moreHow to Install the Epic Games Launcher on Steam Deck
  3. Press the power button once to turn the console back on and check if Steam Deck black screen is fixed.

If you are still facing then continue to the next solution.

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Solution 2: Keep the Console On

If the above solution didn’t work for you then this indeed will work as it worked for this user on Reddit.

If your Steam Deck has a black screen on boot and the fans are working properly then you need to leave it on with the fans running until the battery dies

After that put your Steam Deck on charge and it will boot fine

If you are still facing Steam Deck screen not turning on then you can try the last fix.

Solution 3: Contact Steam Deck

If you cannot get rid of the black screen on your Steam Deck after checking the force rebooting and trying other solutions then you should Contact Steam Deck and ask them to perform the necessary repairs on the console.

contact steam support

If still, you have a query feel free to share your experiences and question in the comments section down below

  1. Why is my Steam Deck screen black when docked?

    If your Steam Deck screen is black when docked, there could be several reasons for this issue but here are common ones:
    1. Connection issues: Make sure the dock is properly connected to your monitor or TV and that all cables are securely attached.
    2. Display settings: The black screen issue could be caused by incorrect display settings. Check the resolution and refresh rate settings on both the Steam Deck and your monitor/TV to ensure they are compatible with each other.
    3. Power issues: If your Steam Deck is not receiving enough power, it may not function properly when docked. Make sure the dock is plugged into a power source, and that the power adapter is correctly connected to both the dock and the Steam Deck.

  2. Why does my Steam Deck have a black screen after exiting a game?

    If your Steam Deck is displaying a black screen after exiting a game then it could be the hardware issue or some bugs in the game leading to the black screen.


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