4 Best Games With Amazingly Beautiful Nature

We frequently laud the game writers for their enthralling, unusual tales, and complex characters. Game Developers – for intelligent game mechanics and engine optimization. Today, we shall honor the artists. Nature in some games appears bewitchingly gorgeous as a result of their efforts, making you want to forget about the narrative for a time and just stroll about the game environment, appreciating its attractions.

These are the top games with the most stunning scenery. Let’s dive in!


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Eastshade is the most out-of-the-ordinary game on our list. There will be no confrontations with creatures, no gathering of resources, and no salvation of mankind. You must explore the environment around you in quest of the most beautiful spot on the planet in order to dwell there for an extended period of time and compose a masterpiece.

Your hero is a landscape painter who is always looking for new ideas. You will climb high mountains for the sake of art, warm yourself by a fire on chilly evenings in the open air, hike into a floral meadow or a dense thicket, and have many experiences. After passing, you just want to surround yourself with greenery, and bouquets of flowers, and listen to the birds singing.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure: order flower delivery from a flower shop near you or whatever pleases you, or better yet, a few flower arrangements, make a cup of tea and turn on the sounds of the forest in the background.

Ecstasy guaranteed!


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When discussing games with the most gorgeous environment, don’t forget that the aquatic world is just as attractive as the land. While not everyone can become a scuba diver and experience the Great Barrier Reef, everybody may play Subnautica. This wonderful aquatic adventure game is great! The main character will have to live on the planet, which is mostly covered by water. You will not have two similar game playthroughs, and you will face different animals each time. Although the game’s biomes are based on genuine terrestrial ecosystems, they are not intended to represent the true underwater world; nonetheless, the game is science fiction, not a realistic simulation. However, this does not in the least prevent you from enjoying beautiful deep-sea views.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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The Witcher’s environment is based on Slavic culture and mythology. Kikimoras, ghouls, and werewolves don’t always appear as they do in folklore. However, we recognize the lovely landscapes, which, while being set in the mythical Redania and Temeria, are indistinguishable from the forests, farms, and rivers we are familiar with.

CD Projekt RED artists appeared to create nature from nature: the picture in the game came out so realistic that removing the game interface and taking a screenshot makes it difficult to identify it from a photograph. It makes you want to take in the sunset over the lake before diving in for the buckthorn blooming at the bottom. While traveling across the globe, the player will encounter the Skellige fjords, which were influenced by Scandinavian scenery, and the gloriously colorful kingdom of Toussaint.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

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Since we’ve already discussed the Scandinavian scenery, it’s worth mentioning the game, where they appear practically lifelike. It would be dishonest not to include Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’s aesthetics in our list. As of this writing, the latest game in the legendary Ubisoft franchise looks just perfect, and the vast world urges you to explore every corner and discover all of these beauties.

The game’s authors created an alternate reality in which echoes of the conflict between the Assassins and the Templars may be heard in the past, present, and future. And it’s a lot of fun.

Because game engines’ visual capabilities are improving and computer hardware is becoming more powerful, the realistic nature in games is no longer as uncommon as it once was. However, we want to remind you that the most beautiful nature is in the real world, and you should not forget about it no matter how much you like gaming scenery!


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