Resident Evil 4 Remake Sells 3 Million Copies in Just 2 Days

Resident Evil 4 has marked a record-breaking number by selling 3 million copies worldwide in the first two days of release across all platforms.

Capcom has made history with the Resident Evil 4 remake by selling 3 million copies of the game worldwide in just two days. If we talk about the cumulative numbers, the whole Resident Evil 4 franchise has sold more than 135 million copies since its debut in 1996. In their recent article, Capcom officially announced their great achievement by mentioning.

Along with securing high scores on online review sites, the title garnered praise and attention following the release of the Chainsaw Demo, in which players could enjoy the opening of the game, resulting in worldwide sales of the title surpassing 3 million units in the first two days after the game’s release.

Capcom, 2023

Furthermore, the game studio said they would remain committed to delivering satisfactory results to meet all stakeholders’ expectations with their industry-leading game development capabilities to deliver the most entertaining gaming experience.

The remake card is paying off for Capcom, as almost all the remakes sold in millions. Taking it back to the prequels of the game, The Resident Evil 3 remake (2020) sold over 2 million units in the first 5 days of release. Similarly, The Resident Evil 2 remake (2019) surpassed a whopping 3 million copies sold within a week. But With Resident Evil 4, large numbers were achieved in a smaller time frame.

It is only the franchise’s beginning as the Resident Evil 4 remake will receive the classic Mercenaries mode, which will undoubtedly increase the hype again, leading to even higher numbers of sales. With low requirements and high thrills, the RE4 remake has also achieved a huge thumbs-up for optimization.


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