Minecraft Not Responding on Startup?

minceraft not responding on startup

Minecraft Not responding on Startup?

While you are all set for your LAN party,

How annoying!

Why won’t Minecraft load past mojang screen?

It’s one of the most common issue which players faced on daily baises when they try to launch minecraft. After launching the game, players get stuck on the Mojang loading screen. Hardware issues can be the main cause of these errors.

but, don’t worry about how to fix Minecraft not responding on launch because this error can be fixed easily.

How do I fix Minecraft from crashing on startup?

It is a very popular game and is played by thousands of players. Hardware issues can be the main cause of Minecraft not responding. Try the solutions below and see which one works for you.

Before trying the solutions below, try restarting your computer and reinstalling Minecraft.

Will uninstalling Minecraft delete my worlds?

If you don’t want to lose your saved worlds, you have to locate the saves folder to your computer and save them before moving minecraft folder to the trash.

Solution 1: Waiting to fix Minecraft not responding

Most probably the not responding dialogue will vanish after a short time.

Windows troubleshooting is running all the possible cases it this time. if the cause is identified, the fix is applied to the game.

Many users have reported that Minecraft not responding on Mojang screen vanishes in seconds and sometimes it can also take several minutes. So try waiting it out and if this doesn’t fix, then move to the next solutions.

Solution 2: Update your Java

Java is a programming language and Minecraft is written in Java.

Why is Minecraft Java not loading?

Updated java is important for Minecraft players. An outdated version of java causes java not to load which leads to  Minecraft not responding issues, which is why you have to make sure that you are running the latest version of java every time to fix Minecraft java not responding.

Solution 3: Update your Windows to fix Minecraft not responding on Startup

Windows updates can contain several bug fixes. So make sure you are always running the latest version of Windows.

  • Press Windows + S key at the same time to open the search box.
  • Type  Update in the search box and click on “Check for updates“.


  • Now your Windows will automatically check for an update and will recommend you to install it.

Now see if the game starts now. If not try other solutions.

Solution 4: Update Graphics Card Driver

How do I fix my graphics card error on Minecraft?

Minecraft relies on your video driver. An outdated graphics driver can cause Minecraft to crash. You can update your graphics card driver to fix Minecraft keeps crashing issue.

How do you update your graphics driver?

  • Press Windows + X  key at the same time.
  • Click on “Device Manager“.
  • Click on the arrow next to “Display adapters“.Right-click on the video card and click on update driver


After the system updates the driver, restart your computer and try to open your game again.

Solution 5: Disable Mods

Minecraft players download mods to enhance their game experience. But mods can also cause several Minecraft issues including Minecraft not responding.

Disable all the mods or move the mods folder from the Minecraft directory to another one.

Disabling Mods can also fix errors like Minecraft keeps crashing or Minecraft Won’t Launch.

Solution 6: Disable discord Overlay to fix Minecraft not responding

Discord is an application that lets players communicate with each other while they are playing the game. But it can also cause Minecraft not responding issues. All you have to do is to disable discord overly or simply you can uninstall it.

  • Open Discord and click on the  settings,
  • Click on Overlay and turn off “Enable in-game overlay”.


Restart your computer and launch your game again.

Solution 7: Run Minecraft as administrator

Minecraft may not be able to utilize all the resources because of restricted access so make sure that administrator privileges are granted.

  • Navigate to the main directory where Minecraft is installed
  • Locate the main game executable.
  • Right-click on it and select properties.
  • In properties Window, click on compatibility check the box next to “Run this program as an administrator”


Restart your computer and run Minecraft again to see if this works or not to fix Minecraft not responding on startup.

I hope this article helps you.

Do tell me in the comments if you have any other questions.

Minecraft Not Responding on Startup?

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