How to Increase Your Gear Inventory Space?

Inventory management is a crucial aspect of your Hogwarts Legacy experience, as you start off with only 20 gear slots to work with. Although this may seem like enough, you will soon discover that loot chests are abundant and as you level up and progress through the game, your gear stats will increase, causing you to continually replace and sell gear pieces.

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This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about expanding your gear storage capacity in Hogwarts Legacy.

Increasing Inventory Space

  1. First, you need to complete Merlin Trials, which are unlocked after completing the mandatory main quest this will take a few hours to complete in which you need to manage your limited inventory somehow
    merlin quests
  2. In these quests, you’ll be introduced to the trials, which consist of a series of challenging puzzles that you’ll need to solve using a combination of spells and your surroundings. This mission will teach you all the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully navigate and complete the trials.
  3. Upon finishing the quest, you will find that Merlin Trials have become available throughout the map
    merlin map
  4. Start completing Merlin Trails as each milestone of this challenge will unlock two additional inventory slots
  5. Completing them all can double your normal inventory size to 40
    increase inventory
  6. It’s worth noting that you must collect the rewards for each completed milestone, as the increased inventory slots will not be automatically added to your inventory

So, this is all you need to know to increase Your Gear Inventory Capacity.

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