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How to Leave the Game in Valorant? Simple Ways Explained

Got something to do suddenly and want to know how to leave the Game in Valorant?


Are you wanting to leave the match without getting a penalty?

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The CPU Guide brings you the best working tutorial on how to leave the game in Valorant?

Valorant is a hero shooter game developed by the Riot games for Microsoft Windows. This game allows the user to experience the modern version of the counter strike. Valorant right now is very popular in teen to adult ages.

Every hero/character in the game has unique abilities which help the player to defend and create distractions on front assault and this will lead you to win the game. The ranking system provided by Riot Games in Valorant helps you to analyze your performance and compare your gaming skills with your gaming buddies.

Valorant did not allow users to customize the agent in any aspect but you can customize your weapons by applying different skins to them. You can find weapons skins in the crate you will have after winning the game when your tier will go or when the new agent is unlocked.

In Valorant, each of the ranks required approx 3000 XP to increase the tier. As your rank upgrades in the Valorant more difficult the game becomes So, it is not easy to gain XP in upper ranks as compared to the lower-tier game.

Let’s answer some questions before heading to the Tutorial.

Can you rejoin a game in Valorant? After Leave the Game in Valorant?

Yes, if your PC shuts down or you exit the match accidentally and when you try to log back in if the match is active then you will direct back to the match. If you log back in after the match is completed then you might face some plenties. The Riot Anti Cheat Vanguard will deduct and you will be punished for leaving your team in the middle of the game and making your team lose.

What happens if you abandon a match in Valorant?

When you abandon a match in Valorant you might face penalties imposed by the Valorant anti-cheat system. The minimum plenty you face of the ban of playing Valorant for 30 mins and it can be extended to 7-14 days.

Is there a penalty for leaving Valorant?

No, When you leave the match in the early stage you will not face penalties but you will not earn XP of that specific match.

Now moving on to how to leave the game in Valorant.

Tutorial: How to Leave the Game in Valorant

There are two ways to leave the game in Valorant:

Leave the Match

You can leave the match by following the upcoming steps:

  1. Open Valorant
  2. Then select any game which u like
  3. Once your match is started
  4. Press ESC
  5. Window will open
  6. Select the gear icon on the top right corner
  7. A small options menu will pop upimage 96
  8. Select the LEAVE MATCH button

Now you successfully will be able to leave the game in Valorant.

In the gaming community if you leave during the match you will be called a leaver which is not a good title to have.

Surrender in Match

Surrender in the Match is a much better way to leave the match rather than leave your teammates which eventually causes them to lose the game. Surrender is an option available to both of the teams they can select whenever they want.

When the surrender option is used the whole team will vote to surrender if the three participants surrender the whole game will lose and the other team will win.

So, it recommended convincing the team to surrender rather than leave the match.

If you want to know more about the game mode of the Valorant continue reading the article.

How many modes are in Valorant?

Well, when you finish with all of the missions like daily and weekly ones. Then it’s time to play in different modes. Valorant has 5 different game mode which allows user to play the Valorant without getting bored. Each of the game modes will give you a different XP with different rules.

Here are the names of game modes in Valorant:

  1. Unrated
  2. Competitive
  3. Spike Rush
  4. Deathmatch
  5. Escalation and replication (Snowball Fight)

How to Leave the Game in Valorant?

1. Unrated Game Mode

The unrated game mode is one of the easy ways to gain more XP. In this mode, you can earn up to 4500 approx XP per match which is a pretty good amount of XP but your competitive rank will remain the same. However, when you lose the game you might gain some XP but it will be a very low amount.

Make sure that you should finish and win the game if you want to Get XP Fast in Valorant.

In case you left the game in the middle or go away the Riot Anti Cheat Vanguard will impose a ban on your account so beware.

2. Competitive Game Mode: Get XP Fast in Valorant

A competitive game mode is a longer version of the unrated game mode. In this mode, you can earn up to 4600 approx XP per match. When you lose the game in this mode you still can earn up to 2100 XP. This mode will affect your competitive rank in Valorant by wining and losing each game.

3. Spike Rush Game Mode

Spike Rush is a small match game mode. This game mode contains only 7 rounds which take very little time to complete. After the completion of the match, you will earn a flat 1000 XP. If we compare this model with other modes you will earn more XP in this mode.

Moving on to the next mode to Get XP Fast in Valorant.

4. Deathmatch Game Mode

Deathmatch is also a short-match game mode. In this mode, you will play without any ability only the weapons are allowed. In this mode, you will only you will get 900 XP if you get 40 kills in the 9-minute limit.

Next, we have the last game mode to Get XP Fast in Valorant.

5. Escalation /Replication: Get XP Fast in Valorant

Escalation/Replication are two modes offered randomly in a week. Escalation has no rules and other restrictions like other game modes mentioned above. Meanwhile, Replication allows only five players with a single agent to play the match. In both modes, you will earn 800 XP and an extra 200 XP when you win the game.

Hope all of the above tutorials help you to Leave the Game in Valorant.

Share your experience in the comments section down below.

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